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In an S-shaped country over 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) long, the weather in Vietnam changes dramatically as you go from north to south, from temperate to tropical. The humid tropical monsoon climate influences Vietnam; a year has 4 seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter. So when is the best time to visit in Vietnam? Read the article below to know the best time to visit Vietnam and the climate of each month of Vietnam travel guide to help you choose the right time for your Vietnam 10 day itinerary, 3 week Vietnam itinerary.

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When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is November to April in any place, but regional differences should be taken into account

Choosing the best time to go in Vietnam might be difficult, as each person’s preferences in weather and travel may be different. We collected some general rules of thumb in this article for you and hoped you can use them when planning your journey to see the best of Vietnam. 

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The best time to visit Vietnam is February to April in any place

March – April and September – November

Spring (March – April) and Autumn (September – November) is the best month to visit Vietnam with Hanoi, Ha Giang, Ha Long Bay, and Sapa,… Besides, weekdays are in different places. The North of Vietnam has a pleasant atmosphere, little rainfall in the form of drizzle, and moderate temperature.

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Spring (March - April) and Autumn (September - November) is the best month to visit Hanoi, Ha Giang, Ha Long Bay, and Sapa,...

July – August

Certainly, visitors will not be interested if they hit the rainy season in Vietnam. Around July, the rainy season has not stopped but sometimes there are sunny days, and gradually warmer temperatures will appear from February – August. 

However, July – August is ideal for visiting the waters of Con Dao. In the middle of August, visitors also have the opportunity to see the sea turtles in Con Dao begin to hatch and return to the sea.

July - August is ideal for visiting the waters of Con Dao

December – February (next year)

Typically, the southern region of Vietnam maintains a pleasant temperature all year round. Although this time is at the beginning of the Dry season (December – February), the weather is quite cool, so the movement is very comfortable. Every rainy season here has the potential to cause flooding, but mainly short rains occur and travel is still standard. This is the best time to visit the Mekong Delta with its brilliant green rice fields. 

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 Dry season (December - February) is the best time to visit the Mekong Delta with its brilliant green rice fields.


When are the seasons in Vietnam

When is the rainy season in Vietnam?

The rainy season in Vietnam is usually from the end of April to October. There are some reservations when you travel to Vietnam in the rainy season:

  • The number of insects will increase
  • The street is rarely dry
  • The sky is always cloudy
  • Transportation delay

On the opposite, there are some benefits when you travel this wet season:

  • Less crowded tourists
  • Lower cost of accommodations
  • Fresher air

However, June to the end of July is the high season in Vietnam. At this time, many businesses and schools will let their employees and students take a break. Therefore, both domestic and international travel in Vietnam will be booming.

There will be a lot of people who have already planned their summer vacation. Therefore, airplane tickets and means of transportation are often sold out. In addition, hotels and motels in Vietnam will have a large number of tourists. So, don’t be surprised when your travel and hotel rental costs increase more than usual.

It’s advisable to make travel and lodging arrangements well in advance to have better deals.


When is the dry season in Vietnam?

Typically, the dry season lasts from November through April or early May. The humidity is low and the temperature ranges from 23 to 38 degrees Celsius on average throughout this time. The South’s dry season might start a bit earlier or a little later depending on the year.

Before that, September to October is considered as low season, which means there are many families decided against taking a trip. Therefore,  It is a fantastic time to travel to Vietnam. More specifically, traveling to Vietnam at this time of year is less expensive than in other periods.


Best time of year to visit vietnam for weather per region

When to visit North Vietnam (Sapa, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay)

The period between October to April is said to be the best time to visit north Vietnam. However, specific regions should be taken into account when travel planning. 

For example, the Northern mountainous areas such as Sapa, Ha Giang, and Mu Cang Chai are most trek worthy from October, with the rice harvest season beginning in late September offering spectacular views of the “golden season”. Hanoi’s famous autumn begins in September-October with rivers of golden foliage on city streets. November is ideal for cruising around Ha Long Bay on a delightful day trip or overnight.

MonthsAverage TemperatureAverage Rainfall
January17°C13.0 mm
February18°C11.9 mm
March21°C29.2 mm
April25°C52.5 mm
May28°C126.3 mm
June29°C160.1 mm
July29°C204.0 mm
August29°C226.2 mm
September28°C173.8 mm
October25°C84.8 mm
November22°C45.0 mm
December18°C14.1 mm

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The best time to visit the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam is the end of October
The best time to visit the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam is the end of October (Source: Internet)

When to visit Central Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An, Danang)

Hue or Hoian is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. At the same time, picturesque for the rest of the year, Hue and Hoi An should be avoided at all costs during the rainy and stormy season (September to November). Not only can the rain be dreary, but it can also be quite dangerous, with flooding a constant, annual danger that claims lives and destroys property. The beautiful coastline of this region is also accessible for sun and sand at any time outside of this rainy season.

MonthsAverage TemperatureAverage Rainfall
January22°C39.5 mm
February23°C13.2 mm
March24°C14.1 mm
April27°C28.0 mm
May28°C60.2 mm
June30°C62.5 mm
July29°C58.6 mm
August29°C119.2 mm
September28°C291.2 mm
October26°C153.5 mm
November25°C304.0 mm
December12°C145.1 mm
Historical beauty of the ancient capital Hue
Historical beauty of the ancient capital Hue (Source: Internet)

When to visit South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta)

The capital of the South, Ho Chi Minh City, is bathed in sunlight for most of the year, and favorable conditions turned the Mekong Delta into one of the most fertile lands in the entire country. However, in May and June, there are frequent downpours causing flooding, high tides, etc. which can cause traffic accidents. Therefore, you should avoid traveling to South Vietnam during this time. Learn more best time to visit south Vietnam

MonthsAverage TemperatureAverage Rainfall
January267°C5.3 mm
February27°C4.5 mm
March28°C10.0 mm
April29°C32.4 mm
May29°C110.1 mm
June28°C158.6 mm
July27°C158.9 mm
August28°C147.0 mm
September27°C165.8 mm
October27°C164.8 mm
November27°C69.9 mm
December26°C19.9 mm
Ho Chi Minh City is more dynamic than any other city in Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City is more dynamic than any other city in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Best time to travel to Vietnam each season

July & August – High season

This is the best time to travel in Vietnam for beach lovers

The busiest travel seasons to Vietnam are July and August when hotel rates along the coast can rise by as much as 50%. Vietnamese people also travel to beaches like Phu Quoc and Da Nang around this time for a vacation. With the exception of the far north, the whole nation experiences intense summer monsoon rainstorms that are hot and humid.

The best beautiful beaches in Vietnam

December – March: Shoulder season

This is the best time to travel Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam’s winters are often cooler and drier than its summers. In the north, expect frigid weather, while in the deep south, sunny skies and warm temperatures are the norms.

If you enjoy being in big cities, shoulder season is a great time to visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City because of the steady weather and comfortable temperatures. Although the entire nation is in motion, hotel rates increase during the Tet celebration (late January or early February).

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April – June and September – November: Low season

In Vietnam, the low season occurs during the transitional months from winter to summer and from summer to winter. This period of transitional weather offers erratic weather that can bring beautiful days of sunshine and rain. It’s a perfect time to go if you want to avoid the tourist crowds or if you want to see the entire nation (with weather not notably awful anywhere).

Additionally, this is a fantastic season to visit Halong Bay because the weather is generally consistent in this area during these months, especially October and November.

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Here’s a monthly guide to what you can expect throughout the year to help you choose the best time to travel in Vietnam. All events are subject to change as some festivals are calculated according to the lunar calendar.

Vietnam Weather By Month

Weather in Vietnam in January

Travelers to the North in this month can expect chilly and biting winds, occasionally fog and snow as well, while the further South you go, the more sunshine you get. Even visitors from cold climates may be no match for the Northern winter winds, said to tear at the skin and into the bones with their unpleasantness.

At the end of January and the start of February, the country celebrates Tet (the Lunar New Year), which is a festive but familial affair. Many sights might be closed and the streets will be deserted, as everyone has gone home to their loved ones.

If you want to experience Tet holiday in Vietnam, January is the best time to visit Vietnam
If you want to experience Tet holiday in Vietnam, January is the best time to visit Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Recommended places to visit in Vietnam in January: Sapa, Hanoi city

Weather in Vietnam in February

Tet can take place from the end of January to the middle of February. At this time, the clouds may have cleared, but the rule of thumb still applies: North is cold, South is hot, no matter how much sunshine and blue skies you may get. Packing umbrellas and raincoats might not go amiss since some provinces may get brief showers at this time. In the South, the heat is quite high but still at a comfortable level.

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Weather in Vietnam in March

Besides December, March is also the best time to travel in Vietnam because it falls right in the middle of the best comfortable timeframe. Across the country, provinces see dry and bright weather, with minimal rainfall and slight cold (but rising temperatures) in the North. Visibility for diving in the various islands dotting the coast is also ideal.

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Weather in Vietnam in April

At the end of the prime travel window, anyone dislikes crowds can sigh relief as they enjoy their holiday in Vietnam. Plenty of dry days are still on offer even as the North towards a hot, humid summer. The beaches in Central Vietnam still enjoy “blue seas, white sand, and golden sunshine”, and so do their Southern counterparts.

Recommended places to visit in Vietnam in April: Da Nang’s beaches and Nha Trang beach.

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Weather in Vietnam in May

Choosing May to travel might be a little controversial, as the likelihood of rainfall and temperatures are on the rise. The Northern mountains are still ideal for traversing, such as Sapa and Mu Cang Chai, but Ha Giang in the same region is already beginning to see more rain. 

Similarly, Da Lat in Central Vietnam is getting spells of rain and dryness that might catch unlucky travelers. Short but intense downpours in the South might cause delays in travel plans.

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In May, most provinces in Vietnam have showers 
In May, most provinces in Vietnam have showers  (Source: Internet)

Weather in Vietnam in June

At this point, summer is in full swing in the North, with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and beyond, accompanied by rain that can turn into storms. Trekking through the mountains would be unsafe, as they are now quite wet. Central Vietnam continues to be an ideal travel destination with warm, sunny days. The South also has similar days accompanied by downpours. This is also the start of the nesting season for the endangered Con Dao sea turtles, and an ideal time to travel there. 

June is the best time of the year to travel to Con Dao - Vietnam to see turtles laying eggs
June is the best time of the year to travel to Con Dao – Vietnam to see turtles laying eggs (Source: Internet)

Recommended places to visit in Vietnam in June: Mai Chau, Con Dao

Weather in Vietnam in July

This is one of the wettest months in Hanoi. Besides, Ha Long Bay is frequently under showers. Across the country, trekking and extreme activities would be unwise due to the high rainfall. However, the rain may come as a blessing to counteract the uncomfortable heat in Central Vietnam. This is also the last month for ideal diving in Con Dao’s waters. 

Weather in Vietnam in August

Continuing the trend, August in the North promises to ruin some travel plans with rain and the occasional storms. Locals and visitors alike can still run from this unenviable weather for the safety of Central Vietnam’s beaches, with Nha Trang enjoying the cream of the crop as far as temperatures go in this period. Con Dao sea turtles will hatch and travel back to the sea with the assistance of park rangers and volunteers in the middle of August.

Weather in Vietnam in September

Although hot weather and rain are still present, the North is making its way toward the end of the summer proper. At the end of the month, Sapa begins to dry out and trekking can resume. In late September, Mu Cang Chai’s rice fields turn golden to await harvest and travelers seeking photo-ops. The rain has now moved on to Central Vietnam as temperatures drop and the likelihood of storms increases. Some parts of Phong Nha caves might be inaccessible because of floods. Da Lat and the Central Highlands take their turn at being too rainy to trek safely. The South sees a mixed bag of rainy and sunny days that plans have to weave around and stay flexible to accommodate.

Weather in Vietnam in October

This is now a prime time for trekking in the mountainous Northern region to enjoy verdant nature and vast manmade terraced rice fields. Unfortunately, storms now menace Central Vietnam, with Hoi An and Da Nang vulnerable to floods because of their proximity to bodies of water. Nearly half of Nha Trang’s annual rainfall will be released in October and November, so it’s best to stay away from this beach city during this time. 

For a dose of sun and sand, head to the South instead, where the region is lurching into its dry, arid season, and baby sea turtles continue their journey into the ocean.

Weather in Vietnam in November

Aficionados of dry and cold weather can rejoice because the North’s November weather fits the bill exactly. The clear skies and temperate conditions make it one of the best times to enjoy a cruise on the waters of Ha Long Bay. Even as the rest of Central Vietnam continues to grapple with storms and flooding, Da Lat and Central Highlands enjoy clear skies and little rainfall. Southern beaches bask in the sunshine, many of which are easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City such as Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. 

You should visit the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam in November
You should visit the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam in November (Source: Internet)

Weather in Vietnam in December

The last month of the Western year sees ideal conditions across the country. Being one of the driest months of the year, December ensures that the Northern mountainous regions remain trek-worthy, but travelers should pack and dress warmly. Storms have begun moving on from Central Vietnam, but Hue expects more rain than Hoi An. Rainfall in Nha Trang will decline throughout the month. The South has nothing to worry about, as they have sunshine and clear skies. This is the best time to travel in Vietnam!

Recommended places to visit in Vietnam in December: Mui Ne Beaches, Phu Quoc island, Ho Chi Minh city.

The best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia

The best time to visit Cambodia and Vietnam is from December to April—deeper breakdown. For Vietnam, this period is in cool weather and low rainfall, coinciding with the most special Tet holiday in the Vietnamese calendar.

The best time to visit Cambodia and Vietnam is also influenced by the Monsoon season in Cambodia and southern Vietnam when the rainfall is insignificant in both countries.

June – about the first half of August

The “green season” from June – August is a great time to visit Cambodia’s Angkor Wat – a symbol of history and culture

The reason is that the large tour groups have waned, and culture lovers can freely visit the temples. The trails are less dusty, and the temples stand out even more after the rains. Cambodia possesses the most beautiful scenery with green rice fields, and the amount of water gradually pours into the Barays lakes,… When it gets dark, it is also the time when visitors can wait for the impressive sunset scene here.

The “green season” from June - August is a great time to visit Cambodia's Angkor Wat

Around Mid – August – November

The Mekong Delta area in Cambodia has become remarkably quiet because it is the rainy season. Although tourists become sparse, around Mid-August – November is an ideal time for nature lovers. Visitors can admire the rich vegetation of mangroves, waterfalls, and ponds here. Thanks to the water flowing at the highest level to Tonle Sap Lake, the area of ​​the lake has increased many times. Besides, the lake water also carries the migration of fish and birds, creating a rich ecosystem. This is also one of the good times for tourists to visit floating villages or bustling floating markets in Cambodia.

Around Mid-August - November is an ideal time to visit Cambodia for nature lovers

Cambodia Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling

December – before the second half of August

It is not only during the rainy season in Cambodia that you have the opportunity to watch migratory birds. The tall trees in Prek Toal Nature Reserve are also home to pelicans, storks,… Especially the largest and remaining ibis species in mainland Southeast Asia as well as in mainland Southeast Asia. species are threatened by the exploitation of eggs and chicks.

During this December – August visitors can expect to see a clear blue sky, green trees full of life, and cooler temperatures. The weather and landscape conditions at this time are very suitable for cycling, climbing, hiking, kayaking,… A Mekong river tour will give visitors a deeper sense of authentic rural life as well as local culture.

During this December - August visitors can expect to see a clear blue sky, green trees full of life, and cooler temperatures.

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Maps of Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are linked with each other throughout 1,137 km. Starting at the junction with Laos in the north, extending to the Gulf of Thailand west of Ha Tien.

The two countries share five international border gates: Bavet – Moc Bai; Kaam Samnor – Vinh Xuong (river border); Le Thanh – O Yadao intersection; Phnom Den – Tinh Bien; Prek Chak – Xia Xia.

In particular, Kaam Samnor – Vinh Xuong is the only riverside border gatekeeping the connection between Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia and Chau Doc town of Vietnam.

For tourists, you can choose to go by plane to save time—many airlines open day flights between Vietnam and Cambodia. The most prominent can be mentioned Vietnam Airlines and Cambodia Angkor Air – the typical airlines of the two countries.

Maps of Vietnam and Cambodia
(Source: Internet)

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FAQs about the best time to travel in Vietnam?

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is from March to April when the weather is pretty nice, moderate temperatures, and minimal rainfall.

What is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

The best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia are from October -November and from May – June, when there are fewer tourists, lower humidity levels, and drier weather conditions overall.

Is December the best time to visit Vietnam?

Start your journey to Vietnam at the beginning of December: North and South Vietnam have nothing but clear skies and sunshine. You won’t have to endure the heat of the tropical climate.

What is the best time to travel to Hanoi?

The best time to travel to Hanoi is between October and January. At this time, the average annual rainfall in Hanoi is not high. However, the weather will be a bit cold for visitors from hot countries.

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