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Tet is a special occasion imbued with the traditional values ​​of Vietnamese people. This is also a very special time for tourists who intend to visit Vietnam. Here, we will give you a detailed guide to traveling in Vietnam during Tet. Learn more: Vietnam Travel Guide

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When is Tet in Vietnam?

Tet is the most significant holiday of the year in Vietnam, much like Christmas is in the US.  However, the timing of the holidays is where the biggest disparity is found. Christmas is always celebrated on December 25. On the other hand, Tet may occur for Vietnamese people at the end of January or potentially in early February. Learn more: Best places to visit in Vietnam

To explain this, Asians use the lunar calendar to determine when Tet is observed. The lunar calendar will shift through different years. This can make it difficult for tourists who want to travel to Vietnam on this special occasion.

Tet 2023 in Vietnam starts on January 22, 2023, which means pretty soon after the world has just begun a new chapter. Learn more: Best time to travel in Vietnam

When is Tet in Vietnam? (Source: Internet)
When is Tet in Vietnam? (Source: Internet)

How many more days until Tet 2023?

Since Tet is along the way, Vietnamese are counting every second, waiting for this once-a-year moment to reunite with their families.

Calender Tet Holiday 2023 Vietnam
Calender Tet Holiday 2023 Vietnam

Should I Travel to Vietnam During Tet?

On Tet, you can preserve the traditional values of the Vietnamese people crystal-clear which you would never see when traveling during other seasons. You’ll experience the vibrant lifestyle of this country in Southeast Asia. The streets will be dominated by red flowers and decorative items, which is the lucky symbol for the new year. Learn more: Vietnam must try food

Traveling to Vietnam on Tet will bring you an unforgettable experience. You will see delicate girls in traditional Ao Dai, adults will give lucky money envelopes to children with the hope that they will grow up studying the good things.

However, the majority of Vietnamese people will pending their business activities to spend time with their relatives around Tet. Therefore, there will be many entertainment activities that will not be active during this time.

If you have not been to Vietnam, you should take a tour for Tet 2023 to get the fullest experience. You won’t have to worry about your trip’s timetable, and the standard of your accommodations is guaranteed. Learn more: 3 week trip to Vietnam

A Detailed Guide To Traveling in Vietnam During Tet Holiday


Tet is the time that Vietnamese internal transportation is rocketing because a lot of people work in places outside their hometown, so Tet is a time for people to go home. Consequently, two weeks before and after Tet, all modes of transportation, including trains, buses, and airplanes, strive to serve the requirements of the people. So, the ticker fee can be a lot more expensive at that time. and you have to book tickets in advance.

Moreover, technology car drivers in popular destinations maybe take their way back home, too. Therefore, if you are not prepared and haven’t known anything about Vietnam, you may face difficulties when traveling.


You don’t have to worry about where to stay in Tet. There are plenty of hotels and homestays available in Vietnam during this occasion. Since most domestic travelers do not enjoy traveling over the Tet holiday, you will have various accommodation options.

However, this service section may charge you some fees during the Tet holiday stay because it is the “hot season.”. Remember to ask if the hotel cares about the extra fees during your stay.

Tourist attractions

Based on government policy, Tet is a time when all museums, art galleries, and other cultural venues are closed. The majority close a few days ahead of the lunar new year and don’t reopen for business for five or six days. 

There are however a few exceptions. For instance, the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ancient Town in Hoi An, and the Citadel in Hue are still open on Tet. The tourist areas will be less crowded, giving you a more complete experience because it is not affected by external factors. Before going to any place, you should check with online information sites.

Normally, Vietnam often organizes Tet flower fairs with many flowers of different colors. The variety of decorations and reasonable entrance fees make these fairgrounds always a perfect place to take photos of the locals. Learn more: Photography tour Vietnam


With fewer vendors than normal, conventional supermarkets will still be open for business. You can still find souvenirs at major markets like Ben Thanh or Dong Xuan. A lot of things will be sold for a very reasonable price because most sellers want the trade to go well so that next year’s sales will become smooth.

In order to avoid bad luck for the entire new year, sellers try to avoid haggling. So if the price isn’t as you wish, haggle pleasantly. Learn more: Vietnam 10 day itinerary


Unfortunately, both locally and internationally-owned eateries will be closed throughout Tet. Most will remain open through the last day of the previous lunar year and reopen on the fourth or fifth day of the new lunar year. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any restaurants for you to stop by. Simply explore the area for a time, or request directly from a local. There will be restaurants ready to serve you during this time

But Tet is unlike any other celebration in the year since there is a wide selection of Vietnamese food that is only served during Tet, like Banh Chung, boiled chicken, and pickled onions. That’s why Tet is more suitable for visitors who have come to Vietnam and have Vietnamese friends. It would be fantastic if a Vietnamese family asked you over. In any case, visiting Cho Tet, a unique market selling New Year’s items, will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience.

Banh chung - Tet Vietnam
Banh Chung – an indispensable dish on Tet Holiday (Source: Internet)

So you have known about our detailed guide to travelling in Vietnam during Tet. If you have a chance, don’t miss this special experience in Vietnam.

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FAQs about guide to travelling in Vietnam during Tet?

Should I Travel to Vietnam During Tet?

You should travel to Vietnam in Tet 2023 when you join a tour or you have been to this country and have acquaintances to guide you. At this time, you will have a little difficulty moving and entertaining.

How many more days until Tet 2023?

Tet 2023 in Vietnam starts on January 22, 2023. There are only more than a month, which is 34 days until Tet.

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