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Are you eager to visit Cambodia but unsure of the best time to go due to the weather? Every season in this nation has its own distinct beauty. Therefore, we shall discover the best times to visit Cambodia right below. Learn more: Travel guide Cambodia

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When Are The Best Times To Visit Cambodia?

Best times to visit Cambodia?

The best times to visit Cambodia are in November and May. This is the time when the rainfall has decreased a lot. But as a tropical country, Cambodia prevails with hot and muggy weather.

Most of the year, temperatures range from low to mid- 30°C, with a small decrease at night. Wet and dry seasons are the two recognized seasons in Cambodia. 

Dry season: from November through May.

Wet season: from June through October.

Furthermore, depending on what you want to gain out of Cambodia, traveling during either season has advantages. For example, in the rainy season, many visitors assume that the rains will continue constantly.

However, heavy rains occur only once a day. You can continue your journey after the rain has stopped. At that time, the air will become fresher and cooler. At the same time, many hotels and resorts will offer you special discounts in this weather

A month-by-month planner


January–March: The busiest time of the year

Cambodia has a colder spring than other countries in the same region. When the temperature falls below 20°C (68°F). This makes touring the temples much more enjoyable, but it’s also when Angkor is busiest. A lot of lodging is reserved in advance, especially around the Christmas and New Year seasons and during the Chinese New Year, which occurs in January or February.

In Cambodia, this is the busiest time of year for tourists, therefore Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and the South Coast are typically packed. Be prepared for some tremendous holiday cheer as the Chinese and Vietnamese New Years’ celebrations come after the widely renowned New Year celebrations. Related Tour: Siem Reap tour package (9 days)

The lunar new year will have a different traditional name depending on the locality. For example, in Vietnam, people call this holiday “Tet”. In Cambodia, they call it Chaul Chnam Chen.

Despite having different names, Chaul Chnam Chen is celebrated in either January or February. A lot of the Chinese-Khmer-owned companies in Phnom Penh shut down around this time, and dragon dances take place all around the city.

April–June: Time for festivals and the rainy season

This time is the middle of Cambodia’s rainy season. Families in Europe and North America can take advantage of the extended school breaks and reduce the budget for accommodation at this time.

The biggest disadvantage of traveling during April – June is that it can rain very heavily along the coast. You probably face slippery streets to famous destinations.

Given that the monsoon arrives now and brings consistent rain until October, this marks the start of the low season for tourists. After the parched months of the dry season, young rice is planted, and the landscape starts to spring to life once more in a blaze of green.

Due to the Cambodian New Year, April is the most significant month for Khmers. In this period, Cambodia waited for special occasions like Chaul Chnam Khmer, Chat Preah Nengkal, and Visakha Puja.

Best times to visit Cambodia: April–June,Time for the rainy season

July–September: Start to be crowded  

These months are undoubtedly not the finest in terms of weather when September and October are drenched in rain. The best special offers from hotels are, however, released at this time. If you intend to stay at five-star hotels and opulent resorts, you can significantly reduce your lodging costs.

The rainiest months are September and October, however, these months also feature lush green scenery and spectacular cloud formations.

Due to the annual school holidays in Europe and the US, tourism numbers increase in July and August. To take advantage of university and college breaks, travelers flock to Cambodia and the Mekong region.

With periodic flooding around the Mekong and in the vicinity of Battambang, September is often the wettest month in Cambodia. P’chum Ben, the second-most significant event in the Khmer calendar, takes place in September or October

Cambodia from July to Semtember start to be crowded

October-December: The end of the rainy season

The rainy season in Cambodia ends at the end of August. At this time, the terrain is unusually lush, making this a pleasant time of year to travel between Siem Reap and Battambang by boat. The windy, dry season, which begins in November, is the ideal time of year to visit the nation. The start of the busiest travel period is followed by February.

The popular Bon Om Tuk Water Festival occurs in October or November. Book much in advance because major beach resorts and Angkor Wat are busiest between Christmas and New Year’s. In important towns like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the worldwide New Year, which falls on December 31, is fervently (and publicly) observed.

When is the best time to take epic pictures in Cambodia?

Try to get to well-known destinations during the end of rainy season. There are significantly less tourists, and there is frequent sun all morning and light flashes throughout the day that peep through the monsoon clouds, even though you may occasionally find yourself dodging muddy puddles and getting caught in a strong downpour. Imagine this: After being soaked by an afternoon thunderstorm, Angkor Wat is revealed in the early evening hours of sunshine, with no one in sight. That’s a fairly amazing shot, and with any luck, you might be able to acquire it.

When is the best time to take epic pictures in Cambodia?

Frequently asked questions about the best times to visit Cambodia (FAQs)

Which is the best month to visit Cambodia?

You can visit Cambodia between November and May. Low rainfall amounts were seen throughout these months. This is the ideal time to fly to Cambodia with your family so you can enjoy all of the group activities.

What month is the rainy season in Cambodia?

June through October is the rainy season in Cambodia. Moving to tourist sites at this time will be difficult. However, unlike the peak season, you won’t have to contend with a sea of tourists. Additionally, moving and lodging expenses will be minimal.

Frequently asked questions about the best times to visit Cambodia

Traveling during the rainy season will allow you to experience Cambodia’s nature at its most lush. On the other hand, the dry season is the greatest time to visit every location in the country of ancient temples. Hopefully, the information about the best times to visit Cambodia will be useful for your trip in the future.

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