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Are you looking for a perfect destination for your 3 week Vietnam itinerary where you can dive into the history & culture but also immerse into the spectacular nature? Vietnam surely should be on top of your list! Visitors can explore the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, relax on the beaches of Nha Trang, and experience the blend of past and present in Hanoi. There are also many opportunities to learn about Vietnam’s complex history, from the feudal dynasties to the Indochina Wars. In addition, this information will help you plan for Vietnam 14 day itinerary, Vietnam 6 day itinerary or other Vietnam itinerary.

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All things you need to know before visiting 3 week Vietnam itinerary

Applying for a Visa

From May 15, 2022, The Vietnamese Government no longer requires a negative COVID-19 test before entry into Vietnam. However, you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa. The process is relatively simple, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need a passport with at least six months of validity. You’ll also need to submit a passport-sized photo and a completed application form. In most cases, you can apply for a visa online or through your local Vietnamese embassy or consulate. 

The visa fee is typically around $25, and your visa will be valid for a stay of up to 30 days. Check the information visa here for more details or to see if your country is on the list for evisa or visa on arrival before 3 week Vietnam itinerary

All things you need to know before visiting Vietnam
You need to know visa information and other things before your 3 week trip to Vietnam

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Using travel agencies

Many travel agencies in Vietnam can help you plan your trip. They can provide information about the best places to stay, things to see and do, and how to get around. They can also help you book flights, tours, and transportation. However, it is essential to remember that not all travel agencies are created equal. Some may be more expensive than others, and some may not be able to provide the same level of service. It is essential to research and chooses a travel agency you can trust.

Getting information from weather forecasts

The tropical weather in Vietnam can be unpredictable, but a rough schedule can be drawn up. The rainy season usually runs from May to October, with the heaviest rains typically occurring in September and October. The rest of the year is generally dry, although you can expect occasional showers. Temperatures also vary depending on the time of year. December to February is the coldest time, while March to August is the hottest. October and November are generally pleasant, with moderate temperatures. 

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When traveling to Vietnam, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast in advance so you can plan accordingly. There are several ways to get weather forecasts in Vietnam. The most popular option is to use one of the many online weather services, such as AccuWeather or These websites provide detailed estimates for cities across Vietnam with regular updates. Another option is to download a weather app for your smartphone or use your preloaded weather apps. Many apps offer accurate and up-to-date weather information for Vietnam. Finally, you can always ask locals for their opinion on what the weather will be like. In most cases, they will happily give you their best guess.

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Preparing to haggle

Haggling is a way of life in Vietnam. Whether buying fruit at the market or bargaining for a wooden souvenir, you’re expected to negotiate to get the best price. While it might seem daunting, haggling is relatively easy. Here are a few tips for 3 week Vietnam itineraty to help you get started:

  • Smile and be friendly. Haggling is not about being rude or aggressive, it’s about being friendly and playful – almost like participating in a bantering social ritual or game.
  • Always begin with a higher price than what you’re willing to pay to give yourself room to negotiate.
  • If the seller isn’t budging, be prepared to walk away. This shows that you’re not desperate to make a deal, and they may be more likely to call you back and give you a better price.
  • Be flexible. Be willing to compromise if you cannot get the exact price you want. Remember, haggling is about finding a fair price for both parties.

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Exploring culture & foods

Vietnam has a rich culture and history, and its food is no exception. From the iconic Pho to the tantalizing Banh Mi, there is much to explore regarding Vietnamese cuisine. Each region and province use fresh, special products to create unforgettable and unique dishes.

When it comes to culture, Vietnam has a lot to offer as well. From the bustling and metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, the “capital of a thousand years of culture”, there is so much to see and do. Especially, you can read the article “Vietnam must try food” on FTrip to know more best foods in this country

Here are Ftrip’s suggestions for 3 weeks trip to Vietnam to help you discover famous places as well as the culture and foods of each region:

Highlights of 3 weeks Vietnam itinerary north to south

Day 1 – 3Welcome HanoiHanoi
Day 4 – 6SapaSapa
Day 7 HanoiHanoi
Day 8Halong bayHanoi
Day 9 – 10Ninh BinhNinh Binh
Day 11 -12HueDa Nang
Day 13 – 15Da Nang – Hoi AnDa Nang
Day 16 – 17 Nha TrangNha Trang
Day 18 – 19Mui NeHo Chi Minh city
Day 20 – 21Ho Chi Minh city

Day 1 – 3: Welcome Hanoi!

Drivers usually take the following route from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi Old Quarter, which is approximately 27 kilometers away:

  • From the airport, take the Nhat Tan bridge to the inner city, turn left at the foot of the bridge onto Co street, then right onto Hang Than and other streets.

There are several reputable taxi companies at Noi Bai airport:

NumberTaxi at Noi Bai Taxi number phone
1Airport Taxi02438866666
2Noi Bai Taxi02438868888
3Mai Linh Taxi 02438222666
4Thanh CongTaxi 02432575757
5Sao Ha Noi Taxi02432565656
6Dai Nam Taxi 02438846666
7Venus Taxi 02435272727
8Group Taxi 02438515151
9Airport Taxi 02435636666
10ABC Taxi02432191919
11Ba Sao Taxi02436363636
12Hoang Phong Taxi02438868788

The Hanoi Old Quarter is located west and north of Hoan Kiem Lake and consists of 36 streets, each focusing on selling a different typical item. The old town is bounded to the north by Hang Dau Street, to the west by Phung Hung Street, to the south by Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Cau Go, and Hang Thung streets, and to the east by Tran Quang Khai and Tran Nhat Duat streets.

The Hanoi Old Quarter is a well-known tourist destination for all visitors to Hanoi. Going to the Old Quarter allows you to experience life, culture, and unique and memorable delicious dishes (Pho, Bun Dau Mam Tom, Banh Xeo…) that can only be found in Hanoi.

First-time visitors to Hanoi by plane will undoubtedly be confused about how to get from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi Old Quarter and vice versa.

Places to visit and have fun in Hanoi’s Old Quarter:

  • Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Ngoc Son Temple
  • Dong Xuan market 
  • Hang Ma street
  • Ma May ancient house
  • Ta Hien Street
  • O Quan Chuong

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Discover the most popular places to stay in Hanoi for 3 week Vietnam itinerary.

  1. Lotte Hanoi Sky
lotte hanoi sky
Lotte Hanoi Sky (Source: Internet)

With its lovely appearance and engaging interactive activities, the Lotte Hanoi Sky Observation Deck has caused a “fever” since its initial launch. In addition, you will have the exciting experience of walking on the sturdy tempered glass panels of Southeast Asia’s first transparent observatory.

2. Hanoi’s Old Quarter

hanoi old quarter
Hanoi’s Old Quarter (Source: Internet)

When you visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter, you will not only be able to capture the unique ancient architecture and typical peaceful pace of life, but you will also be able to shop for unique handmade souvenirs and enjoy delicious Hanoi delicacies. It tastes similar to Banh Xeo, Pho, Bun Dau Mam Tom, and Bun Thit Nuong.

3. Seeing the Thang Long Water Puppet Show in Hanoi

Thang long water pupet show
Water Puppet show in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Water puppetry is a well-known Vietnamese intangible cultural heritage. This unique performance art can be seen in Ho Chi Minh City, but the water puppet show at Thang Long Theater in Hanoi will have more beautiful emotions than ever.

4. Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda
Visiting Hương Pagoda is an unforgettable memory for tourists (Source: Internet)

Huong Pagoda is a Hanoi tourist attraction that has long been associated with literature and art. From Yen stream to Huong Tich cave to Trong pagoda, you will have unforgettable Hanoi travel experiences. Perfume Pagoda, located about 70 kilometers from the center of Hanoi, is a popular tourist destination, especially during the holiday seasons of Tet, the full moon, and Buddha’s birthday.

5. Bu Hill

At Bui Hill, you can enjoy the refreshing sensation of flying through the air while admiring the city’s breathtaking panorama.

6. Quoc Tu Giam Temple

quoc tu giam temple
Quoc Tu Giam Temple (Source: Internet)

Address: Quoc Tu Giam 58, Temple of Literature, Dong Da, Hanoi

The Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam is Vietnam’s first university relic complex, which includes the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam, Van lake, and Giam garden. Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, located south of Thang Long Imperial Citadel, is a popular place for students and Ha Thanh students to pray for good luck on their way to the exam. You should not miss this Hanoi tourist attraction on 3 week Vietnam itinerary if you want to learn about the thousand-year-old Dai Viet culture and early Nguyen Dynasty architecture.

7. St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

St. Joseph's Cathedral in Hanoi
St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi (Source: Internet)
  • Address: 40 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Open hours: Monday to Saturday: 08:00-11:00, 14:00-17:00 | Sunday: 07:00-10:30, 15:00-21:00.

Hanoi Cathedral, located between Nha Tho Street, Nha Chung Street, and Ly Quoc Su Street, is distinguished by its classic Gothic architecture mixed with the romantic Indochina style.

8. Hanoi Opera House

hanoi opera house
Opera House (Source: Internet)
  • Address: 01 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
  • Reference ticket price: from 120,000 VND to 400,000 VND

Visitors can combine seeing the architecture of the Hanoi Opera House with attending special art performances. Around the square, the Opera House has many unique places to eat, visit, play, and be entertained.

The best hotels in Hanoi for 2023.

  1. Hostel Little Charm Hanoi

This is Hanoi’s most famous hotel. The hotel is located on Hang Bo street in Hanoi’s old quarter, making it very convenient to visit the old quarter, go coffee shopping, eat, call the church, and explore Trang Tien.

  • Address: 44 Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 02438238831
  1. Hotel Prince II

This is one of the high-quality hotels in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake. The hotel has a double room, a family room, and a balcony with a lovely view, making it ideal for couples and families exploring the Land.

The first thing you should do upon arriving is to learn about the city’s rich history. Visit one of the city’s many museums, such as the Museum of Ethnology, the Hoa Lo Prison, or the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. You can also peek into the past with a tour through the Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy complex, where Vietnamese royalty once studied. Day trips from the capital are also possible, such as journeys to the Perfume Pagoda, an important Buddhist site set in a dreamy landscape. Samples of local cuisine can be enjoyed at one of Hanoi’s many street food stalls.


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Van Mieu is one of must-visit places on 3 week Vietnam itinerary
Van Mieu is one of the must-visit places on 3 week Vietnam itinerary

Selecting a mode of transport from Hanoi to Sapa

The time it takes to travel from Hanoi to Sapa depends on several factors. Thus, the main modes of transportation available to you when visiting Sapa are:

  • Bus: This is the most cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation. Tickets for buses can be purchased online or at the station. The complete and detailed list of buses from Hanoi to Sapa from the stations can be found here.
  • Car: If you travel by car, you can take a private vehicle or rent a taxi from Hanoi to Lao Cai for about 3 million VND (128 USD) per turn, which is the quickest and most convenient mode of transportation.
  • Limousine: This new vehicle has appeared in the past 5 years. Accordingly, Limousine routes Hanoi – Hanoi Sapa are equipped with many amenities and serve many shuttle points in the inner city. CONTACT 1900 602
  • Train: The fastest train to Sapa is the SP1 train, which departs at 21:35 every day at Tran Quy Cap station. The ticket price is about 450,000 VND (19 USD)

Day 4 – 6: Sapa 

Sapa is a beautiful and peaceful place, so enjoy your surroundings. The nearby mountains have several hiking trails with varying difficulties to choose from. You can also participate in a trekking tour. Visiting or staying in one of the many minority villages in the area, such as with the Hmong people in Cat Cat, or the Giay in Ta Van is a great way to learn about the local culture and see some traditional handicrafts. As for food, many street stalls sell piping hot grilled meats and vegetables that taste better in the crisp, chill air.

Sapa is a beautiful and peaceful place
Sapa is a beautiful and peaceful place

List of check-in locations in Sapa in 3 week Vietnam itinerary

Coc San Cave

Coc San Cave
Coc San cave in Lao Cai (Source: Internet)

Coc San is a large and small waterfall and cave complex located in Lao Cai, only 7 kilometers from the town. The path leading to Coc San not only has beautiful and pristine caves, waterfalls, and streams, but it also has a rare and harmonious landscape.

  • Address: Coc San commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province

Lao Chai village

Lao Chai village

Lao Chai village is home to ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Tay, and Dao… This lovely village is about 7 kilometers from Sapa. To get here, take Cau May Street to Muong Hoa Street and Lao Chai Village.

  • Address: 7km from the center of Sapa

O Quy Ho Passage

o quy ho passage
O Quy Ho Passage (source: Internet)

O Quy Ho pass, located on the 4D national highway that crosses the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, is a popular Sapa tourist destination and a bridge connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau. O Quy Ho is one of the four famous passes in the Northwest, with the longest, most dangerous, and most majestic passes.

On the way to the pass, you should stop to sample the locals’ grilled food, including the unique grilled eggs and lam rice.

  • Address: located on highway 4D Lao Cai.

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa valley
Muong Hoa Valley (Source: Internet)

You will arrive at Muong Hoa valley after passing through a pass along the high mountains from Sapa town. The ancient stone beach of Sapa, where the rocks are carved with many different shapes and interspersed between the grass and terraced fields, is unique in this Sapa tourist destination. These strange symbols remain a mystery that no one has ever solved.

Sunworld Fansipan Legend

sunworld fansipan legend
Fansipan Legend (Source: Internet)

Fansipan is Indochina’s “roof,” rising 3,143 meters above sea level. On clear days, you can see a vast mountainous area below. If you come here on a foggy day, you will find yourself lost in the magical “kingdom in the clouds”.

To get to the top of Fansipan, you no longer need to climb the mountain; instead, you can take a cable car from the bottom to the top. This Fansipan cable car route is also one of Vietnam’s first record works built in the Northwest mountainous region.

Ticket price for Fansipan cable car: 

  • Adult: 700,000 VND (29.8 USD)
  • Child: 500,000 VND (21 USD) for 1m-1.3m tall, free for children under 1m tall.

Mountain train ticket price from Muong Hoa to Sapa cable car

The best hotels in Sapa 2023

De La Coupole – MGallery hotels

The hotel is right in the heart of town and is also the building where most young people check in. The Sun Plaza building is also convenient if you want to visit many famous tourist attractions. Sapa Square, Ancient Stone Church, Sapa Lake, Cat Cat Village, and Ham Rong Mountain also speak other languages.

Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel

The hotel has 223 rooms and many different types of rooms with different prices. Still, each room is meticulously cared for from the minor details to give travelers the most satisfaction in terms of quality and service.

Day 7: Hanoi

This is an excellent day to rest and recuperate for your tomorrow’s trip to Halong Bay. Visit the Old Quarter and explore the narrow streets of old houses and traditional shops. You can also stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake – the green jewel of Hanoi’s city center – and see the Temple of the Jade Mountain. On a hot, exhausting day, a famous Trang Tien ice cream will set you right after a lot of walking.


Day 8: Ha Long Bay

Ha Long bay is one of the best beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With its dazzling limestone karsts formation and crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to see why Halong Bay is a must-visit. There are several ways to explore the bay, from leisure cruising to kayaking or swimming. When it comes to food, there’s no shortage of options: from fresh seafood (dishes made from locally-caught squid are a must-try) to traditional Vietnamese dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in 3 week Vietnam itinerary.

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List of the most recent Quang Ninh check-in locations in 2023

Quang Ninh museum

Quang Ninh museum
Quang Ninh Museum (source: Internet)

Quang Ninh Museum is a must-see tourist attraction in Halong. This location features high stairwells and traditional black glass that reflects the image of the sea and sky. At the same time, you can learn about historical values through the works on display.

If you come here in the afternoon, don’t forget to visit the empty cafe, admire Ha Long Bay, and take beautiful photos.

If you come here in the afternoon, don’t forget to visit the empty cafe, admire Ha Long Bay, and take beautiful photos for 3 week Vietnam itinerary.

  • Address: Tran Quoc Nghien, Tuan Chau, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
  • Open/ Close hours: 8h00 – 17h00 ().
  • Reference fare: 10.000 VNĐ (0.43 USD)/child, 20.000 VNĐ (0.85 USD)/student, 30.000 VNĐ (1.28 USD)/adult.

Dolphin bow

dolphin bow
Dolphin bow (Source: Internet)

The dolphin bow depicts a dolphin playing in the waves on the beautiful Ha Long Bay shore. This project has a total investment of 1,000 billion VND and will be completed in less than a year. When you come here, you will be particularly impressed by the 300 stalls and the large square with 1000 seats.

Many people have had to admire the image of checking in Halong, which has never been so lovely. Pose with the red and blue walls on either side of the bow. Furthermore, virtual living with beautiful seascapes at sunrise or sunset provides an excellent shooting angle.

  • Address: Tuan Chau, Ha Long city.
  • Reference fare: 08:00 – 17:00 daily

Bai Chay

Bai Chay beach in Quang Ninh is nearly one kilometer long and has fine white sand and clear water. You can swim, sunbathe, and play fun games here. Parachuting, float houses, kayaking, scuba diving, visiting caves, and floating villages are typical.

Furthermore, when you visit Bai Chay beach, you can rest your body under a straight coconut tree. Together with the sun and wind, the earth’s and sky’s harmonious nature will create beautiful frames. This location, in particular, provides free wifi, allowing visitors to check into Ha Long quickly.

  • Address: Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Open/ Close hour: Free
  • Ticket fee: Free

Halong bay

ha long bay
Ha Long bay (source: Internet)

The most appealing Quang Ninh tourist destination is Ha Long Bay, which you should not miss on your upcoming Ha Long trip for 3 week Vietnam itinerary. This area is known as a northern resort paradise. With its beautiful natural scenery, this location is ideal for a great check-in location. The undulating islands and limestone mountains interwoven with shimmering caves enhance the vibrancy of your photographs.

In addition, when visiting Ha Long Bay, you can experience virtual life on a luxury yacht, the sensation of kayaking on clear blue water, and save beautiful photographs. Believe that when you check in here, you will have a meaningful trip and “forever” experiences.

  • Address: Ha Long city, Quang Ninh
  • Open/Close hours: 6h30 – 18h30.

Hanoi to Ninh Binh

Visitors can travel from Hanoi to Ninh Binh using a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, cars, and coaches, depending on their needs and personal finances.

Traveling by bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh allows tourists to be healthier than riding a personal motorbike while giving them more time to rest and prepare for the upcoming journey.

Numerous bus trips are available from My Dinh, Giap Bat, and Nuoc Ngam bus stations to Ninh Binh bus stations such as Nho Quan and Kim Son.

Some buses from Hanoi to Ninh Binh:

  • Thuy Duong bus: 1900 6786. Ticket price: 80,000 VND (3.41 USD)
  • An Phu Quy bus – phone number: 1900 6786. Ticket price: 100,000 VND (4.27 USD)

Day 9 – 10: Ninh Binh 

Ninh Binh is a beautiful Vietnam province known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and delicious food. Nature lovers can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trang An, take a boat ride through the limestone karsts of Bai Dinh National Park, or go hiking in Cuc Phuong National Park. The local specialty here is goat meat. There are many ways to enjoy it: stir-fried dipped in hot broth with lemon, stews, curries, or porridge.

When is the best time to visit Ninh Binh?

Ninh Binh is a place that can be visited at any time of year and for 3 week Vietnam itinerary. However, you should visit in the spring (January – March) when the weather is pleasant, and there are many festivals, and in the summer (May-August) to see the golden rice fields or the fragrant lotus ponds.

Transportation from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

You can take a bus from Hanoi to Giap Bat bus station or book a Limousine to Ninh Binh. Ticket prices range from 100,000 (4.27 USD) to 150,000 VND (6.4 USD), and the journey takes about 2 hours.

If you are a city dweller. Visitors can fly to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City and then take a bus to Ninh Binh using the abovementioned options.

Vietnamese airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Jetstar operate flights from Ho Chi Minh City. From Saigon to Hanoi. Ticket prices range from 900,000 VNĐ (38.4 USD) to 1.3 million VND (55.46 USD)/way.

Visitors from other provinces can also travel to Ninh Binh by train. Customers can book tickets in advance on the Railway Corporation‘s website or purchase them at the station. The Ninh Binh train station is right in the heart of the city.

If traveling by private vehicle, visitors should take Giai Phong street from Hanoi, pass the Giap Bat bus station, turn onto the Phap Van – Cau Gie highway, and then take the Phu Ly direction to Ninh Binh.

Places to stay when traveling to Ninh Binh for 3 week Vietnam itinerary

Visitors to Ninh Binh who travel in pairs, with groups of friends, or alone can stay at homestays near attractions that offer green, peaceful spaces and friendly service. Ninh Binh Friendly Homestay, Hang Mua Ecolodge, Diep’s House, Ninh Binh Palm Homestay, and ChezBeo Homestay… are some popular and conveniently located addresses that cost around 200,000 VND (8.53 USD)/person/night.

Visitors can choose 4-5 star quality resorts such as Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh, Tam Coc Garden Resort, Ninh Binh Hidden Charm Hotel And Resort, An’s Eco Garden Resort, Aravinda Resort Ninh Binh… to enjoy luxurious services and more facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gym, bar… Room rates range from 1.7 million VND (72.53 USD) to 6 million VND (255.97 USD) per night.

The most well-known tourist attractions in Ninh Binh

This destination draws visitors with its magnificent mountain scenery, winding small rivers, and unspoiled valleys… The entrance fee to Trang An is 250,000 VND (10.67 USD) for adults and 150,000 VND (6.4 USD) for children under 1.4 m. The tour guide will cost 300,000 VND (12.8 USD)

Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Visitors can explore Tam Coc by boat down the Ngo Dong river. Tam Coc is surprisingly beautiful in the eyes of tourists, with towering limestone mountains, exciting shapes in caves, and golden rice fields on both sides.

The entrance fee is 120,000 VND (5.12 USD) per person, with a Tam Coc boat trip fee of 150,000 VND (6.4 USD) per trip.

Mua Cave

Hang Mua tourist area is about a 15-minute drive from Trang An and is located right at the foot of the mountain. The entrance fee for adults is 100,000 VND (4.27 USD). Visitors can spend about 2-3 hours at the resort visiting and photographing.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Hoa Lu ancient capital
Hoa Lu ancient capital (Source: Internet)

Hoa Lu is one of UNESCO’s four core regions of the Trang An World Heritage complex. To better understand the historical significance of this location, visitors should register to listen to explanations during the tour. The cost of admission is 20,000 VND (0.85 USD) per person.

Ninh Binh to Hue

The rainy season in Hue begins in May and lasts until November, the peak season for storms and floods, so it is essential to monitor the weather before traveling. Even though Hue does not have a distinct winter like the northern provinces, the temperature is moderate, possibly as low as 10 degrees.

Many self-sufficient travel experiences in Hue indicate that the best time to visit is when the seasons change: between spring and summer and autumn and winter.

Day 11 – 12: Hue

While Hanoi has been the capital for most of Vietnamese history, Hue is the capital of the last feudal dynasty, the Nguyen. The Imperial Citadel is still well-preserved despite the ravages of war and history. Take a boat ride on the Perfume River, which runs through the city. On the left bank, you can see one of the most iconic landmarks in Hue: Thien Mu Pagoda, a Buddhist temple on a hill. Try local delicacies such as rice with baby mussels, rice dumplings, and the world-famous Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup).


The most beautiful and famous tourist destination in Hue

Hue Citadel area

Visiting hours:

– Summer: From 6:30 to 17:30

– Winter: From  7:00 to 17:00

Entrance ticket price: 150.000 VND (6.4 USD) / per person

Hue Citadel is a must-see for any Hue vacation. Hue Citadel, which served as the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years, has been designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Hue Citadel covers an area of 520 hectares. It is divided into two sections: the ordinary people’s and mandarins’ quarters, and the Imperial Citadel, where the king and royal family live and work.

Ngu Binh mountain

Address: An Cuu commune, Hue City (4 kilometers south of the center, between Con Hen and Con Gia Vien).

Ngu Binh is a mountain that always follows the Huong River. Ngu Binh Mountain has a trapezoidal shape with a flat top, which looks like a screen to shield the old citadel from the poetic Perfume River. You will have a panoramic view of the beautiful city from the top of Ngu mountain.

Area outside of Hue City

Mausoleum area

The mausoleums of the Nguyen Dynasty kings, after the Hue Citadel, are places that no Hue travel experience should miss. This dynasty’s 13 kings have a total of 7 tombs. Each mausoleum area has a unique architectural feature, with oriental feng shui features combined with the individual personality of each king, contributing to telling the historical story for posterity.

Visiting time: 7:00 – 17:00 daily.

Lang Minh Mang, Tu Duc, Khai DInh: 100.000 VND/ticket

Lang Gia Long, Thieu Tri, Dong Khanh: 40.000 VND/ticket

If you are interested in culture and history, you can combine this trip with visits to Da Nang and Hoi An. And don’t miss Hoi An Impressionist Park and Hoi An Memories Show – the show is invested in both color and sound, leaving you satisfied with the professionalism of the dancers as well as admiring them. with music.

Thanh Toan Tile Bridge

Address: Thanh Thuy Chanh village, Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy district, Hue city

Thanh Toan Tile Bridge is a unique historical relic of Hue with high artistic value. The bridge was built in an ancient palace style, with lapis lazuli as the primary material – a type of tile commonly used in court works.

Discover cuisine in Hue for 3 week Vietnam itinerary

Bun Bo Hue

Hue beef noodle
Bun Bo Hue (Source: Internet)

The first dish to try is Hue beef noodle soup when visiting Hue. This dish, like its “brothers” Hanoi Pho and Saigon Broken Rice, has become a brand in its own right.

Those familiar with the variant version of Hue beef noodle soup may find the original Hue beef noodle soup strange. Noodles are used in small quantities, and the broth is spicy, tearing the tongue right from Hue; if spring rolls are added, the bowl of Hue beef noodle soup is considered flavorful.

Reference address:

  • Quan Bun Bo Hue: 17 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hue City
  • Ba Tuyet booth: 47 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue city
  • Me Keo booth: 20 Bach Dang, Hue City

Mussel rice

mussel rice
Mussel rice (Source: Internet)

Mussel rice is a popular dish found on every street in the city. Rich spices are sautéed with sweet and chewy mussel meat. They will serve mussels in a bowl of white rice with a layer of fat from Hue fish sauce, which is “enough capital” for a memorable dish.

Reference address

  • Nho booth: 28 Pham Hong Thai, Hue City

Hue Cakes

Hue Cake
Hue Cakes (Source: Internet)

Who loves beo, Nam, loc, and cakes but is unaware that this dish originates in Hue? These simple cakes have an unexpected appeal because they can be eaten at any time, having fun, eating full, and mixing and matching as much as you want.

Reference address:

  • Ba Do booth: 08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue City
  • Tay Loc market, Dong 
  • 109 Le Huan

Hue sweet soup

Hue Sweet soup
Hue Sweet Soup (Source: Internet)

Sweet soup appears to have become an indispensable ingredient in all cuisines. Simple tea dishes that can be found on any street or alley, but never fail to entice sweet-loving guests with delicate and diverse flavors like the people here.

Corn tea, roasted pork filter cake, longan tea wrapped in lotus seeds, water drifting tea, sweet potato tea, lotus tea… are the most famous Hue sweet soups

Reference address:

  • Ngoc Hien sweet soup: 65 Tran Hung Dao, Hue City
  • Thanh sweet soup: 78 Mai Thuc Loan, Phu Hau, Hue City

List of favorite hotels in Hue for tourists

Many people prefer 3-star hotels in Hue because of their low prices, which start at 500,000 VND per night. Names such as Thanh Uyen Hue Hotel, Villa Hue, Cherry Hotel Hue, Rosaleen Boutique Hotel… are all trendy, in addition to their beautiful location – most of them are located in the central area or near famous tourist attractions. Favorite visitors. Learn more about the top 5 most beautiful 3-star hotels in Hue with the best prices on Traveloka.

Hue has 4-5 star hotels in the more advanced category. Stop at Indochine Palace, Imperial Hue Hotel, or Eldora Hotel to forget your worries and enjoy the luxurious space, professional service quality, and first-rate amenities.

Resort in Hue city

If you want to spend your vacation relaxing amid beautiful nature and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere without any hassles, Hue resorts are an unquestionable choice.

Lang Co Beach Resort, Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa, Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort, and Pilgrimage Villade Boutique Resort & Spa are all names that will fulfill your dream vacation. Choose one of the top six resorts in Hue for a one-day stay. Vacation in the ancient capital’s tropical paradise.

Homestay in Hue

For young people who travel in the form of backpacking, want to save money but still like a great place to stop, go straight to the hostels and homestays in Hue. What’s better than when, with the price of only 150,000 VND/night, you still have the opportunity to own a lovely, small but cozy place to stay right in the heart of Hue city?

Day 13 – 15: Da Nang, Hoi An

Da Nang boasts a gorgeous coastline with white sand, blue waters, and sunny skies. It has many famous beaches. My Khe Beach is touristy, centrally located, and surrounded by buildings, while some underdeveloped beaches, such as Lang Van still retain a pristine natural beauty. To see more of Da Nang’s natural blessings, you can tour the Marble Mountains, take photos on The Golden Bridge or go on a sunset cruise down the Han River.

An hour’s car ride from Da Nang will take you to Hoi An, an ancient and former riverport town. Its architecture, atmosphere, and culture are a charming confluence of Vietnam, China, Japan, and France. Some of the food worth trying in these two cities are mi Quang, Cao Lau (both are noodle dishes with various toppings), and white rose dumplings.

Hoi an culture are a charming confluence of Vietnam, China, Japan, and France
Hoi An’s culture is a charming confluence of Vietnam, China, Japan, and France

Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, and there is no shortage of things to do, see, and eat here. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of options for activities like swimming, hiking, and kayaking. The city is also home to many temples and pagodas, as well as the famous Po Nagar Tower. And, of course, no visit to Nha Trang would be complete without trying some of the delicious seafood in 3 weeks Vietnam itinerary.


Check-in location in Hoi An

South VinWonders Hoi An

Address: Thanh Nien, Binh Minh, Thang Binh, Quang Nam

Hoi An tourism includes not only traditional virtual check-in locations but also a large and modern entertainment complex called VinWonders Nam Hoi An. VinWonders Nam Hoi An, located only 17 kilometers from Hoi An Ancient Town and divided into 5 sections, is a place where visitors can both relax and learn about the culture, architecture, and art traditions of Vietnam and the world.

Fukien Assembly Hall

Address: 46 Tran Phu,  Hoi An city

The Fujian Assembly Hall is a popular tourist destination in Hoi An, attracting many visitors each year due to its magnificent beauty, large and majestic space, and unique Chinese architecture.

Assembly Hall of the Chaozhou Chinese Congregation

Address: 157 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An city

If you visit Hoi An, you must see Trieu Chau Assembly Hall, which has a unique architecture with intricately carved motifs on wooden frames. This is a place to worship the gods of the sea, to whom the people of Chaozhou pray for safe sailing.

List Hoi An hotels with good reviews

Vinh Hung Hoi An hotel

  • Adre: 143 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Price: From 1,900,000 VND (81 USD) /room

Vinh Hung Hotel has ancient and Asian features and is only 200m from Cau Pagoda. Despite its antique appearance, the hotel’s facilities and services are still fully functional, not to mention luxurious and professional. While staying here, you will be served breakfast in the kitchen, which is very appealing Asian. You can also use laundry services, rent a car, and purchase sightseeing tickets at the front desk. With an impressive resort space and modern facilities, it will undoubtedly provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable moments when visiting Hoi An.

Thanh Van Hotel

When visiting Hoi An, you will undoubtedly require a beautiful place to stay that is fully equipped and easily accessible to the Old Town. If you’re looking for a place like this, Thanh Van Hotel is an excellent place to start. The hotel’s rooms are fully equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the hotel offers various guest services such as serving breakfast and booking sightseeing tickets for visitors. This is a popular tourist destination with a convenient location and numerous high-quality amenities.

Day 16 – 17: Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, and there is no shortage of things to do, see, and eat here. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of options for activities like swimming, hiking, and kayaking. The city is also home to many temples and pagodas, as well as the famous Po Nagar Tower. And, of course, no visit to Nha Trang would be complete without trying some of the delicious seafood in 3 weeks Vietnam itinerary.


Famous tourist destination in Nha Trang

VinWonders Nha Trang Amusement Park

VinWonders Nha Trang Amusement Park
Vinwonder Nha Trang Amusement Park (Source: Internet)

VinWonders Nha Trang amusement park, located on the romantic Hon Tre island, is known as the park of records. VinWonders Nha Trang amusement park, which opened in 2006, consists of six game zones that provide millions of visitors of all ages and nationalities with unforgettable memories.

Bai Tru

Bai Tru is also a popular tourist destination in the Hon Tre province of Nha Trang. It has white sand beaches and blue seawater. Bai Tru’s scenery captivates visitors with its peace and quiet. In addition, Bai Tru has a small fishing village where you can learn about the people’s lives.

Dam Bay

Dam Bay is a relatively new tourist destination in Nha Trang, so the scenery is still wild and deserted. This location is very safe and peaceful because it is located in a closed bay. Visitors to Dam Bay can go scuba diving to see corals and take beautiful check-in photos.

Nha Trang Con Se Tre tourist area

The Con Se Tre tourist area is a popular destination for visitors to Nha Trang. All materials here are made from beautiful and creative bamboo, with building architecture inspired by Vietnamese villages. In addition to taking virtual photos, visitors to the resort can fish, snorkel, canoe, and swim…

Night Market in Nha Trang

Nha Trang night market is another must-see tourist attraction in Nha Trang. The bustling, bustling atmosphere with countless appealing dishes is what draws people in. You can freely sample Nha Trang cuisine without fear of breaking the bank. Come experience this Nha Trang tourist attraction at night!

The best hotel in Nha Trang for travelers

1. Aroma Nha Trang Boutique Hotel

  • Address: 26A Tran Quang Khai, Loc Tho, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province
  • Reference price: from 409.000 VND (17 USD)/night

Aroma Hotel Nha Trang has a boutique design and a system of luxurious rooms, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere like home. 90% of the rooms have sea-view balconies and 3-star amenities, which makes a difference. There is also an outdoor pool and a sun terrace.

2. Edele Hotel Nha Trang

  • Address: 61 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Tan Lap sub-district, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province
  • Reference price: từ 495.000 VND (21 USD)/night

The 3-star Edele Hotel Nha Trang is considered a cozy home for tourists from near and far who visit Nha Trang. It is located in the bustling Western Quarter at night and close to the beach.

Nha Trang to Mui Ne transportation

You must travel 219 kilometers from Nha Trang to Mui Ne, which takes approximately 6 hours.

Buses from Nha Trang to Mui Ne run frequently, and at reasonable prices, so many people take them. Depending on your needs, you can choose between limousines from Nha Trang to Mui Ne and high-quality sleeper buses on this route.

Many people who want a more exciting travel experience prefer to take the train from Nha Trang to Mui Ne. An average of 5 trips per day, with a travel time of about 4 hours.

You can actively choose seats or beds with train tickets from Nha Trang to Mui Ne ranging from 110,000 to 210,000 VND (8.96 USD)/ticket.

SE7 08h36 – 12h33, SE5 10h57 – 15h14, TN1 18h42 – 22h44, SQN1 19h25-23h33, SE21 20h52-01h50 are some train codes and running times to consider.

Day 18 – 19: Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a small town in Vietnam that is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. The town is located on the east coast of the country, and it is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and restaurants. Mui Ne is a great place to go kitesurfing, and lessons are available for beginners. It is also home to the only desert landscape in Vietnam. You can take an ATV or jeep tour, explore the dunes on foot, and even slide down the sand on mats. On your trip to the dunes, you will be approached by vendors selling delicious, freshly made local treats such as pillow cakes or rice dumplings.

List famous check-in places in Mui Ne

Road section DT716

Road section DT 716 (Source: Internet)

The section of DT716 road is considered a typical highlight of the Phan Thiet tour and has become a place to check in, and take wedding photos, and has been chosen by many young people for the photos “seeing is knowing Phan Thiet”.

Red Stream

Suoi Hong (also known as Suoi Tien) is a must-see attraction in Phan Thiet. Many tourists consider this location to be the “Bong Lai fairy scene” because the stream is only ankle-deep but flows all year. The two banks are stalactite hills ranging in color from red to white.

Coco Beach Camp

The ability to swim and participate in water sports during the day is the best part about staying at Coco Beach Camp’s campsite. At night, enjoy the cool sea breeze and the twinkling lights of fishing boats that appear to be stars from afar.

Bau Trang – Bau Sen

Bau Trang is located 65 kilometers northeast of Phan Thiet in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune. Climbing up the high, pure white sand slopes, visitors will be surprised to see a lotus flower sparkling silver under the brilliant sun, and pink lotus petals peeking behind the green leaves, creating a beautiful natural landscape.

Wine Castle

The RD Wine Castle is a well-known check-in location in Phan Thiet, distinguished by its massive architecture and 12,000-hectare campus. California’s wine valley inspired the wine castle, so walking through it feels like you’re in another world of endless vineyards.

Phan Thiet’s most popular hotels

Cham Villas Resort

  • Address: 32 32 Nguyen Dinh Chieu in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.
  • Room price: from 3.841.000 VND (163 USD) /night

Located on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, only 12 kilometers from Mui Ne Tourist Area in Phan Thiet, it consists of 16 luxurious, modern villas of the 4-star standard set in a 9000m2 green tropical garden.

Grace Boutique Resort

  • Address: 144A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Quarter 2, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan.
  • Room price: from 2,068,000 VND (88 USD) /night

Grace Boutique Resort is located at 144A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, about 6 kilometers from Phan Thiet City’s center. When you visit Grace Boutique Resort, you will be immersed in classic and modern French architecture.

Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel

  • Address: 69 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province
  • Room price: From 1,136,000 VND (48 USD) /night

Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel is located in a beautiful area of Mui Ne, making it an ideal stopover for visitors who want to admire the clear blue beauty of Phan Thiet beach from the comfort of their room. The hotel is designed in a modern style, with 7 floors and a capacity of up to 155 rooms facing the sea and 3-star service quality.

Day 20 – 21: Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the last destination in 3 week Vietnam itinerary, still known by its former name Saigon, is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and culture. Some must see attractions include the War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, and Notre Dame Cathedral. For those interested in the city’s history, a day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels is a must. Finally, no trip to Ho Chi Minh City would be complete without trying some of the local food, such as broken rice or Hu Tieu. 


Lists famous check-in places in Ho Chi Minh city

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market

This is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, located right in the heart of the city and always bustling with people coming in and out and visitors checking in on a daily basis. Ben Thanh Market sells a wide range of goods, including food, fabrics, clothing, household items, Saigon specialties, and, most importantly, the market’s extremely appealing food court and check-in corners. The image will always make you want to stay for a long time.


  • Address: Le Loi, Ben Thanh sub-district, District 1
  • Open hours: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Independence Palace

Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Hall, is a work of French colonial architecture. The Independence Palace is a historical relic that symbolizes peace and territorial integrity for the people of Saigon.


  • Address: 135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe
  • Giờ mở cửa: 7:30 AM – 11 AM; 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Ticket fee: 10,000 VND (0.43 USD) – 40,000 VND (1.73 USD).

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, located in the heart of District 1, is a must-see tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City. Notre Dame Cathedral is a one-of-a-kind architectural work in European style and a place for Catholics in Saigon to live and holds Masses.


  • Address: 01 Cong Xa Paris, Ben Nghe, District 1.
  • Open hours: 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Located approximately 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City center, it always welcomes visitors who come to explore and experience the feeling of living in the tunnel like the people and soldiers of the resistance war.


  • Address: TL15, Phu Hiep, Cu Chi
  • Open hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Nguyen Hue Walking street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street has long been a popular tourist and local destination in Saigon.


  • Address: Nguyen Hue Street, District 1.
  • Open hours: All time

Museum of 3D Painting Artimus

This is a highly appealing check-in location for many tourists and young people. Through each picture frame, the Artinus 3D painting museum fosters creativity in people of all ages. When you stand among the museum’s impressive 3D paintings, you will feel tiny.


  • Address: No. 2 Him Lam Area, District 7.
  • Open from 9:00 AM to 10 PM
  • Admission fee: 200,000 VND (8.53 USD)- 300,000 VND (12.8 USD)

The best hotels in Ho Chi Minh for the traveler

Eden Garden Hotel

The Saigon Eden Garden Hostel is in District 1, close to attractions such as Ben Thanh Market and the Reunification Palace.

Cabana Hotel Saigon

The Cabana Hotel Saigon is near attractions such as Ben Thanh Market and the Fine Arts Museum. Cabana provides guests a comfortable and convenient stay, including a concierge service, currency exchange, ATM availability, and a chargeable airport shuttle.

Although Cabana’s rooms are small, they use light colors to make them feel more spacious, as well as exquisite luxury items and full amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable and relaxing stay.

  • Room rate per hour: 130,000 VND (5.5 USD)- 300,000 VND (12.8 USD) /2 hours
  • Nightly room rates range from 572,000 VND (24.4 USD) to 1,067,000 VND (45.5 USD).
  • Room rates per day range from 807,000 VND (34.4 USD) to 1,457,000 VND (62 USD)/per day.
  • Address: 5 Truong Dinh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Joy Inn Cong Hoa Hotel

With 3-star service standards, Joy Inn Cong Hoa provides guests with memorable experiences. This place has become a popular resting place for couples due to its youthful and modern design. The Saigon Joy Inn Cong Hoa is quite quiet, and the room has large glass doors with an open view of the city.

The motel is also conveniently located near Dam Sen Cultural Park, Giac Lam Pagoda, and Tan Son Nhat Airport. Air conditioning, a hair dryer, a refrigerator, and a kettle are all standard amenities in the rooms. Guests can also unwind in the hot tub.

  • Room rate per hour: 170,000 VND (7.2 USD) – 260,000 VND (11 USD) /2 hours
  • Nightly room rates range from 290,000 VND (12.7 USD) to 440,000 VND (18.7 USD).
  • Address: 419 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city

FAQs about 3 week Vietnam itinerary (21 days)?

Is 3 weeks enough for Vietnam?

Yes, you can see a lot of beautiful places in Vietnam in three weeks. To make the most of your time, combine three to four major cities and do many day trips.

How much should I budget for a month in Vietnam?

For two persons, a month in Vietnam cost $2,639, or $1,320 each. This sum includes accommodation, meals and drinks, travel, excursions, and personal costs.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Vietnam, we highly recommend this 3 week Vietnam itinerary. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore the jungle, or experience the hustle and bustle of city life, you won’t be disappointed.

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