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Nestled in the mountains of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Da Lat is breathtakingly beautiful, with lush green hills and towering waterfalls. Its temperate climate makes it the perfect place to escape the heat or cold elsewhere, and there are plenty of activities and sights to experience. These are the 20 Best Places To Visit In Dalat Vietnam.

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20 best places to visit in Dalat Vietnam

1. Linh Phuoc Pagoda

This temple stands out because of its busy, colorful decorations, many of which are mosaics. Within the temple are bas-reliefs, also mosaics, portraying the history of the Gautama Buddha and the creation of the Lotus Sutras. On the grounds is a 49m-long dragon made from 12,000 bottles, which gave the site another name: Ve Chai ([Reused] Bottle) Pagoda.


Places to visit in Dalat Vietnam - Linh Phuoc Pagoda

2. Linh Son Pagoda

Spring is the best time to visit this elegant pagoda, newly built (compared to other, more historic places of worship) in a simple, evocative style, its grounds lush with vegetation and flora. (In addition to decorative plant life, temple residents also tend to tea and coffee plants.) The center of the main ceremonial hall is a bronze Gautama Buddha seated on a lotus, weighing nearly 1300 kg.

Places to visit in Dalat Vietnam - Linh Son Pagoda

3. Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

Located on a tall hill, well away from busy Da Lat City, this Pagoda was built by a monk of Teochew descent in 1958. In addition to walking, you can also rent horses to ride up to the pagoda. In keeping with its origins, the pagoda’s architectural style is very strongly influenced by similar Cantonese buildings. In addition to three fragrant sandalwood Buddha statues, the pagoda also has a magnificent garden.

Places to visit in Dalat Vietnam - Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

4. Datanla Waterfall

This beautiful fall is said to have been a frequent meeting place for the star-crossed lovers of the Central Highlands, K’lang and H’biang – and it seems they had exquisite taste. Silver water flows serenely through the rocks before tumbling down from heights of 20m. However, adrenaline seekers can still enjoy plenty of activities, such as canyoning, rappelling, and kayaking. Cable cars are available for less-adventurous people who still want to experience the beauty of the falls.

5. Pongour Falls

This seven-tiered fall is 50km away from Da Lat, surrounded by a primeval forest with diverse flora and fauna. Legend has it that it is the final resting place of a beautiful, talented K’Ho chieftain named Kanai. She tamed four gigantic rhinos that served as faithful workers on farmland and soldiers to protect her village. When she died, her stream of hair turned into the flowing water, and the rhinos’ horns turned to stone. This fall is unique for having its own holiday; on the first full moon of the lunar year, young people gather here to find partners and fall in love.

Places to visit in Dalat Vietnam - Pongour Fall

6. Prenn Falls

This fall serves as a herald for Da Lat – when you hear its rushing waters duetting with pine trees singing in the wind, you know you’re almost there. It serves as the geographical first stop in a tour of the City of a Thousand Flowers. Cultural events and rituals are also held here on appropriate days, as well as art performances from various ethnic groups. 

7. Elephant Falls

The almighty roars from this fall, audible day and night, led the locals to liken it to a herd of elephants. The small stones by the falls are also compared to elephants, but because of tragic stories – they were either petrified by a chieftain’s daughter mourning her lost love, or turned to stone after mourning the death of K’lang and H’biang. Like many of the natural sights here, the falls remain a piece of pristine nature, defiant against human growth.

Best Places To Visit In Dalat, Vietnam - Elephant Falls

8. Crazy House

Among the more conventional but beautiful French villas common in this resort town, the Crazy House stands out like a fever dream of a nature lover. The structure resembles a treehouse with sinuous branches and natural elements – mushrooms, shells, caves, spiderwebs -, molded from steel, wood, and concrete. Like a living thing, it continues to grow today, with the architect constantly thinking about expansion and improvement.

9. Than Tho Lake (the Lake of Sighs)

A mistranslation gave the lake its name; originally le Lac des Soupirs evokes the murmuring of breezes through the surrounding forest, but the Vietnamese name plays on the second meaning of the last word: sighs.

Either way, the Lake of Sighs is certainly a fitting name. Its fog-wreathed beauty has an air of gloominess, at least two tragic love stories have been associated with it, and it has inspired numerous poems and songs that tug at the heartstrings.

Best Places To Visit In Dalat, Vietnam - Than Tho Lake

10. Xuan Huong Lake

At the heart of Da Lat City is the manmade Xuan Huong Lake, whose name means “Spring Fragrance” after the aroma of the surrounding plants. It’s a well-loved choice for a leisurely stroll on foot or a horse carriage ride for visitors.

For over a century, the lake has been a mirror for the city, enhancing its elegant beauty and providing contrast to the endless pine forests lest they become too overwhelming.