You may have heard of Hanoi being the seat of power for Vietnamese Emperors for over a thousand years, but did you know Hue was the Imperial City of the final feudal dynasty, the Nguyen? The wars have taken their toll on the royal complex; of the original 160 buildings, only less than 10 percent remain. However, ongoing restoration efforts have ensured its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once you pass the Ngo Mon Gate, you’ll immediately see Thai Hoa Palace. The building and its courtyard were used for important ceremonies. The red-and-gold-accented To Mieu Temples were places of worship for deceased Nguyen royalty. Fortunately, most of the Forbidden City – where Emperors and their families lived and worked – was leveled. The emperor’s mother and grandmother dwelled in Dien Tho Palace. For downtime, Emperors retreated to the royal reading room in Thai Binh Lau. The Royal Treasury was rebuilt in the early 1900s with a distinctively French style thanks to colonization. Artists once entertained Emperors, royalty, and courtiers in Vietnam’s oldest theater, Duyet Thi Duong. Today, the place holds many important cultural events organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. It is also an attractive place to tourists who are curious about Nha Nhac (court music), another UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage.

The emperors’ final resting places are scattered along the Huong River. It takes two full days to see all the tombs, so here’s a quick rundown. Gia Long Tomb is best for adventurers, as it’s remote, rarely visited, and enormous. History and culture lovers should go to the stately and colorful Minh Mang Tomb, or the colorful and artistic Tu Duc Tomb. Khai Dinh Tomb is an eclectic blend of Chinese, Vietnamese, French, and Cambodian architecture, set on a pine-covered hill. Duc Tomb is within the city, a small and humble resting place for a three-day Emperor.

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Within a few years of taking photographs, my works began to be recognized by many reliable international publications such as AFAR Travel, The Times, and The Daily Telegraph newspaper. In addition, I continuously add to my growing profile by winning numerous major awards: 3rd Position of The Independent Photographer 2018, 1st Position of Amateur Photographer of the year 2018, Grand Prize Winner of the AFAR Travel Photography 2019, and a Gold Award of San Francisco Bay International Photography 2020.

I photograph a wide variety of subjects, from travel to landscapes to street scenes. I enjoy documenting the East’s rich cultural heritage and its land soaked in glorious sunrise or sunset light in remote and secluded spots. And, I am very happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. You can visit Luminousvietnamtour to explore tour!

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Hue Cuisine: Culture & Art

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Hue Imperial City & Emperor’s Tombs

You may have heard of Hanoi being the seat of power for Vietnamese Emperors for over a thousand years, but did you know Hue was the Imperial City of the final feudal dynasty, the Nguyen? The wars have taken their toll on the royal complex; of the original 160 buildings, only less than 10 percent […]

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With cultural vibrancy, breathtaking landscapes, and pleasant weather, Vietnam offers an array of experiences that come alive during the winter months. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the weather, festivals, the best places to visit, and what to wear when exploring the beauty of Vietnam in winter.

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War Remnants Museum

You can explore more tours from Ftrip: Although Vietnam shouldn’t be remembered as little more than a battlefield, it’s significantly important to remember the heroic deeds and horrific tragedies that occurred here so that they may never happen again. This is the intent of the War Remnants Museum, a museum for peace in Ho Chi […]

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Trekking through tribal villages in Sapa

Read more: A journey through the villages of Sapa is more than just a chance to immerse yourself in nature. It’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn about a different way of living far away from the rat race, and an invitation to partake in the culture, art, and cuisine of diverse ethnic groups. […]

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S-21 Prison – Pol Pot’s secret prison

Read more: The four-year reign of blood by the Khmer Rouge has left indelible marks upon Cambodia. Its policies caused a massive death toll, whether it be from famine, purges motivated by politics, racism, and bigotry, or disease (even treatable ones such as malaria). It inflicted near-total destruction on every imaginable facet of Cambodian society: […]

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Angkor Wat – a symbol of history and culture

You can explore more tours from Ftrip: One of the most popular and iconic sites in Cambodia (to the point of appearing on its flag), Angkor Wat attracts visitors with its beautiful architecture, historical and religious importance, and backdrop of marvelous nature. Located 6km north of Siem Reap, the Angkor Wat temple complex was built […]

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Read more: Delve into culture and nature As a nature and culture lover, I would put Northern Vietnam in my first words, highlighted by Northern Hill tribes, the famous Ha Giang loop motorbike adventure, the highest peak of Southeast Asia- Fansipan mountain, the most spectacular Golden rice terrace fields, and much thrilling hiking trials across […]

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Temple of Literature & Ho Chi Minh Complex

Read more: The Temple of Literature complex in Hanoi has two components: the actual Temple for worshipping Confucius and other sages and scholars, and the Imperial Academy for the education of royalty, later expanding to excellent students nationwide. The Temple was built in 1070. The Academy followed six years later, becoming the first national university […]

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Hanoi Old Quater & 36 streets

Read more: The Old Quarter is, without hyperbole, the heart of Hanoi. From the 11th  century, the city is then known as Thăng Long, the City of the Ascending Dragon grew and expanded around the Old Quarter, where merchants and craftspeople from all over the country gathered to ply their trades. The names of the […]

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Cafe Phố Cổ Hà Nội

It is all about coffee

Read more: I have heard more than one person say that they only started drinking coffee when they come to Vietnam, not by the meaning of living here but as a tourist. It is just this simple, in Vietnam, coffee is a way of life. Learn more: Hanoi tours There is certainly a lot more to […]

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