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    Duong Lam, renowned for its unique houses built with wooden frames and fortified with laterites, still preserves typical features of an ancient village in the Red River Delta. Located in Son Tay town of the same name district just 44km away from Hanoi’s center, the village has the typical features, including a giant banyan tree, fresh water well, and a communal house, along with 956 antique dwellings dating back 100 to 400 years. Learn more: Hanoi tours
    Favorable waterway transportation made Duong Lam a residence of ancient Vietnamese dating back to the Phung Nguyen and Dong Son cultures. It was also the hometown of two kings – Phung Hung (761-802) and Ngo Quyen (808-944), and the birthplace of Envoy Giang Van Minh – an excellent diplomat in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

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      The House’s walls and fences along the village road made of rough dark honey-brown brick-shaped laterites create a unique charm. In 2006, Duong Lam became the first village recognized as a national historical and cultural relic. If you are looking for a place to visit nearby Hanoi, Duong Lam village can be a great destination with rich culture, serene landscape, and ancient architectural features.

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