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The concept of exotic holidays

Welcome to Ftrip

We are delighted to have you here! Getting to know you and taking you to the most wonderful places in South East Asia, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in particular.

With over 20 years of experience in tourism as a guide, a passionate traveler, and a great appreciation of the magnificent culture and nature of our motherland, our top leaders have built up a solid reignition and knowledge for their work, and a reputation for providing exceptional services to our clients. With a great passion for offering excellence and substantial time of incubation, Ftrip was established to deliver the best of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to customers all around the globe.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships and trustworthy local partners, we can tailor our services to meet every customer expectation with an exclusive and unique collection of properties, destinations and activities.

Sustainability & responsibility for travel

At Ftrip, we commit to limiting our carbon footprint through practicing and encouraging sustainable business concepts by promoting three primary business components:

– Maximizing local community benefit by creating opportunities for the locals, especially the minority to improve their well-being.
– Collaborating with local partners who share the same goal of adopting sustainable development.
– Preserving cultural authenticity and stunning natural environment.

In addition, we simutinioulsy encourage our customers and travelers to accompany us in our community activities to reduce the impact of tourism on our ecosystem and local ethnic community.

More information at Sustainability