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Laos is an oasis of culture, religion, and history in South Asia. The unique culture of Laos has permeated the outstanding sights and old-growth forests. Read more to discover the top attractions (waterfalls in Laos, temple,..) and things to do in Laos with FTrip.

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Is Laos worth visiting? Laos is worth visiting. Laos is known for its stunning natural beauty, including waterfalls, caves, and lush forests. The Mekong River runs through the country and is a popular spot for river cruises, kayaking, and other water activities. Laos is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the ancient city of Luang Prabang and the Vat Phou temple complex.

Overall, Laos is a great destination for travelers who want to get off the beaten path and experience a different side of Southeast Asia

Let’s find out 15 best things to do in Laos & top tourist attractions:

1. Visit Kuang Si Falls (Luang Prabang)

You have made the best decision when looking at the natural scenery in Laos. Waterfalls and caves here are like a dream. Toward Luang Prabang, Northern Laos, you will find Kuang Si waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls people should visit.

Freshwater crept along the rocks from above, falling freely into the three pools below. The water here is remarkable and very suitable for family trips. This is the place with the most majestic scenery for you to relax and free yourself into the rustling sound of the mountains and the sound of the strong waterfall flow.

Kuang Si waterfall is open daily to visitors from 8 am to 5:30 pm. Adults must buy an entrance ticket costing 20.000Kip (about $1.2). In case you depart from Luang Prabang, there are four vehicles for you to choose from for your transportation: Minibus, Tuktuk, motorbike, and bicycle.

Luang Prabang Travel Guide 2023: Best Thing To Do

Visit Kuang Si Falls (Luang Prabang)

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2. Hang out in Vientiane City – Top tourist attraction

The Vientiane Capital Center Laos is the economic growth hub of Laos, which has developed rapidly in a short period. At the same time, the city is home to the national symbol of Laos, Pha That Luang, and the temple with the famous ancient Buddha statues – Wat Si Saket.

One of the best things to do in Laos is dive into the marvelous flavor of Vientiane food. Laos’ cuisine has a distinct color that separates its dishes. Surely visitors can’t help enjoying these delicious dishes.

In addition, visitors can visit COPE Visitor Center to learn about the humanistic values ​​of the working goals of this system. The organization has been working to support victims of bodily harm caused by military equipment.

Luang Prabang temple: 12 famous temples in Laos you must visit

Hang out in Vientiane City - Top tourist attraction

3. Get by Coffee Farm in Bolaven Plateau

Laos is a formidable competitor in the export coffee market. Thanks to the geographical location of the Bolaven Plateau, the country produces high-quality coffee beans. For coffee addicts, the taste of beans hides the sweet aroma of oranges and flowers and will not disappoint you.

More specifically, visitors can go to the coffee garden along the Bolaven Plateau to see firsthand the process of cultivating and roasting coffee.

More specifically, coffee fanatics should stay a night at Sinouk Coffee Resort to always be wrapped in the warm aroma of Arabica Laos coffee on the premises. Having a leisurely morning to sip morning coffee on the porch will be an unexpectedly comfortable feeling you should experience.

Get by Coffee Farm in Bolaven Plateau

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4. Learn about Elephant Village Sanctuary (Luang Prabang)

Elephant Village Sanctuary in Luang Prabang is a tourist destination dedicated to nurturing and protecting Asian elephants in Laos. This is the place to receive travel recommendations from the guardian and the new york times.

Towards the highest goal of building a safe environment for elephants. This place is also a place to support the community and create jobs for local people. Visitors coming here are supporting the local economy and moving towards sustainable tourism for the future.

Learn about Elephant Village Sanctuary (Luang Prabang)

5. Drift to 4000 Islands

Is 4000 islands worth visiting? One of the best things to do in Laos is to explore the raw beauty of Laos in the 4000 islands in the south of the country. This is where you can enjoy a series of relaxing days without distractions.

Visitors will have a chance to rest at the house of the Lao people, enjoy home-cooked meals and integrate into the life of the natural region. Many islands here do not have ATM services or wifi networks, so travelers should plan their itinerary before catching the ferry to 4000 islands.

Drift to 4000 Islands

Siem Reap things to do

6. Get to know the Kong Lor Caves (Khammouane)

The next place on the list of the best things to do in Laos is to explore the Kong Lor caves. Nestled in Phu Hin Bun National Park, at the end of a highway lined with thorny limestone peaks, Kong Lor Cave (Tham Kong Lo) is a 4.5-mile (7 km) long cave.

You can go on the trip with a guide who can lead you to find beauty in the dark here. Once the lights are back on, you can enjoy other activities like hiking through the rural village of Kong Lor and other outdoor activities in the national park.

7. Look up at the Ancient Wat Phu (Champasak)

Ancient Wat Phu meaning “temple on the mountain,” is one of the oldest archaeological ruins recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around this scenic spot are the beautiful scenery of nature, green fields, and the soft beauty of the Mekong River from a distance.

From this area, if you walk up the slopes, you can come across other ancient temples, some of which have been ruined by time.

Look up at the Ancient Wat Phu (Champasak)

8. Enjoy Khone Waterfall (Champasak)

Another great waterfall you must visit when traveling to Laos is Pha Pheng (also known as Khone waterfall), the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia.

Seeing the country from the top of Khone waterfall is one of the best things to do in Laos. This is a place that every adventurer should take advantage of. There will be walking paths to see the falls from many angles. In this area, you will sometimes see people catching giant fish.

Enjoy Khone Waterfall (Champasak)

9. Be one of the locals at the Living Land Farm

Living Land Farm, a farm specializing in organic crops, organizes unique activities that allow tourists to roll up their sleeves and work on the land like locals. You will be performing the tasks of a farmer, putting on a conical hat and learning how to harvest a batch of rice and plow the field.

This experience can be challenging. So you can choose the suitable activities to participate in, or listen to the instructions and watch the farmers here do their thing. Moreover, there is a homestay area for guests to rest and a restaurant serving traditional Laos food. Your registration for an experience session here has helped the community succeed in reaching out to help poor children.

Be one of the locals at the Living Land Farm

10. Triking the temples of Luang Prabang

The northern Laotian town of Luang Prabang is most famous for its Buddhist temples and is one of Southeast Asia’s top tourist attractions. Enjoy trips to the various temples in this area. You can adjust the pace of this ride to your liking, so it’s an easy activity to do at your own pace.

Triking the temples of Luang Prabang

11. Feel the wind in Nong Khiaw village (Luang Prabang)

Nong Khiaw peak in the north of Laos is an excellent place to enjoy the panoramic view of the immense nature parallel with nature. If this is the place you want to conquer, then you must know some information below.

The trek will take about 1.5 hours from the small village of Nong Khiaw to the top of the mountain. Here, you will see the peaceful Nam Ou river, reflecting the blue sky above. In addition, visitors will encounter small Laotian villages surrounded by mountains. There will be no selling points along the way, and the terrain may be tricky. So, pack water, comfortable hiking shoes, and a flashlight, as it can quickly get dark.

If you want to enjoy the view from the water, you can take a boat ride along the romantic river.

 Feel the wind in Nong Khiaw village (Luang Prabang)

12. Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (Luang Prabang)

If you are interested in the culture of ethnic groups in Laos, visit the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center in Luang Prabang. This place is where the culture of the four main ethnic groups is concentrated instead of 160 ethnic groups in Laos. This is a great place to visit the collections of traditional ethnic spirits, crafts, and artifacts necessary to these groups.

The shop offers a guide to take you around the center and handicraft workshops. You can make your own unique souvenirs from natural materials or buy handicrafts at gift shops here.

Join the Vientiane Morning Market

13. Join the Vientiane Morning Market

Did you know that Vientiane Morning Market is the best place to find handmade items? You can also buy clothes, fresh food daily, and superb Lao specialties. One of the best things in Laos is to walk around the market to mingle with the busy atmosphere without buying goods. If you are into an item, you can suggest to the seller not to sell it at too high a price.

Join the Vientiane Morning Market

14. Explore Tham Phu Kham Cave and Blue Lagoon (Vang Vieng)

Welcome to a stunning land where lakes change color with the seasons! This place belongs to things to do in Laos that you must visit and enjoy a tour combining traditional exploration and floating in the clear blue waters of the blue lagoon.

In contrast with the transparent beauty of the lake, you can go on a mysterious journey into Tham Phu Kham Cave, where the reigning Buddha statues are hidden. You will have to spend a little effort to reach this cave

Explore Tham Phu Kham Cave and Blue Lagoon

15. Relax at Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden (Luang Prabang)

Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden is currently closed for renovation and plans to welcome visitors by the end of 2024.

As for the special features, this garden displays medicinal plants and flowers used medicinally or ceremonially. The botanical collection includes hundreds of orchids, ferns, and bamboo.

This place preserves the mission of expressing the relationship between the people of Laos and the natural environment around them. It will also be a recurring theme throughout the gardens.

Relax at Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

FAQs about things to do in Laos?

  1. What is the most famous thing about Laos?

    Laos is also known as the “Land of a million elephants” and is famous for its unspoiled natural landscape, which still retains many ancient features and architecture. Laos is also best known as the home of some of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular waterfalls, including Tad Fane and Dong Hua Sao.

  2. What are the famous tourist attractions in Laos?

    The top tourist attractions in Laos are Kuang Si Caves & Waterfalls, Luang Prabang, Mekong River, Vang Vieng, Si Phan Don, Plain of Jars, Wat Xieng Thong, Pha That Luang, Wat Phu, etc.

Follow our best things to do in Laos and have the best time during your vacation. FTrip would love to receive any questions about the destination you want to go to in South Asia. Check out the latest travel guide tips on our website.

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