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Through its unique history as a harbor town teeming with merchants, Hội An has developed a cuisine that stands at the intersection of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and French influences. The dazzling variety of dishes, boldly seasoned and colored, will certainly entertain any culinary adventurer and linger in their memory long after their trip was over. Let’s stroll through the streets of Hội An and see all the best experiences this charming old town has to offer.

Bánh mì Hội An

Bánh mì Hội An

The French may have brought baguettes to Vietnam, but locals have taken this beloved boulangerie classic and made it one of their most iconic dishes. Bánh mì is generally a crispy sandwich filled to bursting with ingredients vibrant in taste and color. The Hội An variation is distinctive because it has much more vegetables than usual. Lettuce, cucumbers, pickled carrots, and coriander accompany and enhance the traditional fillings of pork, fried eggs, pate, or chicken, with generous servings of tangy sauce.

Banh My Phuong

Address: 2b Phan Chu Trinh, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 6:30 – 21:30

Cao lầu

This noodle dish’s intriguing name (“tall stories”) comes from its past as food for the privileged class, who dined on the upper floors. Today, people of all backgrounds can enjoy Cao lầu, a combination of thick udon-like noodles, sliced roast pork, crunchy flat croutons and bean sprouts, greens, and special sauce. You can find Cao Lau in any street in Hoi An but we recommend a try at the local restaurants below:

Cao Lau Ba Le

Address: 45/3 Trần Hưng Đạo, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 – 21:00

Cao Lau Co Lien

Address: 21 Thái Phiên, Phường Minh An, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 06:30 – 19:30

Cao Lau Thanh

Address: 69 Phan Chu Trinh, Phường Minh An, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from. 07:00 – 19:00

Mì Quảng – Quang noodles

Named after the province it came from (Quảng Nam), these flat rice noodles are topped with slices of pork, beef or chicken, shrimp, quail eggs, and a little bone broth. A variety of this dish with frog meat is also widely available. Turmeric, a health-boosting spice, lends the noodles a bright golden color. Check out our favorites Mi Quang in Hoi An:

My Quang Ong Hai

Address: 6A Trương Minh Lượng, Cẩm Châu, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

My Quang Ba Minh

Address: Cẩm Hà Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam (There won’t be an exact address but the restaurant is located next to Thu Bon river and it’s easy to get there by GPS)

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

My Quang Co Sinh

Address: 170/5 Lý Thường Kiệt, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: 06:00 – 13:00

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Bánh bao bánh vạc – White rose dumplings

These translucent and chewy rice sheets, resembling white roses, are filled with shrimp, minced pork, and mushrooms. Then, they receive a garnish of crunchy fried shallots and green onions and are served alongside a dipping sauce made of fish sauce, chili, and sugar.

Bong Hong Trang (White Rose restaurant)

Address: 533 Hai Bà Trưng, P. Cẩm Phô, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: 07:00 – 20:30

Nước chanh sả

Nước Mót – Lemon and lemongrass drink

Mót, a shop in the Old Town, attracts long queues of people waiting to get this delicious, healthy, and oh-so-Instagrammable concoction. The drink itself is a delicate blend of various plants and herbs: lemon, lemongrass, ginger, chrysanthemum, dried lotus leaves, and green tea. According to traditional medicine, it helps cool and detoxify the body. It’s served in a small paper cup decorated with a bright pink lotus petal and sipped through a bamboo pipe.

Mot Hoi An

Address: 150 Trần Phú, Cẩm Châu, Thành Phố Hội An, Quảng Nam

Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Besides those local favorite street dishes, you might want to fly for many other options that are served in a restaurant or an upmarket setup where food is made and garnished as art and stands for the royal culture. Check out our article to enrich your knowledge about Hue’ s cuisine

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