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Welcome to Da Nang, Vietnam, a lively city where you’ll find the famous Dragon Bridge stretching over the Han River. This stunning bridge connects the two sides of the city, making travel easy for everyone. Let Ftrip Vietnam explore the history, design, and special characteristics of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang in this blog post.

The Impressive Architecture of Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Design competition and selection of the dragon-shaped concept

In October 2007, the Da Nang local government held a contest to pick the design for the Dragon Bridge. Eight companies, some from Vietnam and others international, entered their ideas. 

The winning plan was by Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers from the US, along with the Louis Berger Group. Their design resembled a flying dragon, celebrating Vietnam’s rich history and culture.

Dragon Bridge in Danang

Construction details and engineering prowess behind the bridge

The building of Dragon Bridge was an impressive achievement, demonstrating the skill of its engineers and constructors. It has a main span of 586 meters and weighs 9,000 tons, and was finished on October 26, 2012. Supported by five main spans, the bridge boasts a distinctive arch support system, earning it acclaim in the architectural field.

Unique arch support system and integration of lighting technology

Dragon Bridge stands out for its distinctive arch support system, blending steel beams, steel arches, and concrete beams to form a dragon-like shape. Adding to its allure, the bridge boasts a cutting-edge lighting setup comprising over 15,000 LED lights. These lights cast a mesmerizing glow on the dragon’s form, making for a breathtaking nighttime display.

The Dragon Bridge Da Nang Fire Show

Introduction to the fire and water performances

The Dragon Bridge is famous for its amazing fire and water shows. These spectacular performances happen every Saturday, Sunday, and on big holidays at 9 PM. During the shows, the bridge impresses everyone by spouting fire and water, putting on a dazzling performance that amazes the audience.

Dragon Bridge in Danang

Schedule and timing of the shows

To make the most of the fire and water shows, it’s essential to plan your visit ahead. These performances usually run for around five minutes, split into two parts: two minutes of fire-breathing and three minutes of water-spraying. It’s a good idea to get there early to grab a prime viewing spot since these shows draw big crowds.

Description of the fire-breathing and water-spraying sequences

In the part of the show where the dragon breathes fire, its head lights up and spews fire nine times in two rounds. This fiery display lights up the night sky and looks amazing. 

After that, the water-spraying part starts, with three rounds where water is sprayed once per round. When you see the beautiful lights, fire, and water all happening together, it makes for a truly impressive show that leaves the audience in awe.

Best places to enjoy the performances and tips for optimal viewing

There are many great spots to watch the fire and water shows. You can check them out from the bridge or Tran Hung Dao Street. On the bridge, cars stop for the show. Tran Hung Dao Street, near the Dragon Bridge’s head, also offers a cool view. Plus, you can grab a drink from the sidewalk stalls while enjoying the performance.

Danang International Fireworks Festival

Dragon Bridge in Danang

Overview of the annual fireworks festival held in Da Nang

Da Nang is renowned for its annual International Fireworks Festival (DIFF), which takes place during the summer months. This highly anticipated event showcases spectacular fireworks displays by top pyrotechnic teams from around the world.

Participation of international pyrotechnic teams

The DIFF draws teams from many countries like England, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Finland, and Vietnam. Each team gets to showcase their unique interpretations on a chosen theme, wowing the crowd with their amazing performances.

Highlights and themes of past festivals

Each year, DIFF unveils fresh themes to spark creativity among the teams involved. Previous themes have covered a wide spectrum, from “The Symphony of Colors” to “Love” and “The Legend of Bridges.” These themes serve as a foundation for teams to exhibit their artistic skills through captivating fireworks presentations.

Dragon Bridge as a prime viewing spot for the fireworks displays

Dragon Bridge is a great place to watch the DIFF fireworks. It’s perfectly positioned above the Han River, giving you a clear view of the stunning fireworks show. Not only do you get to enjoy the fireworks, but you also get to appreciate the bridge’s impressive design.

Where to Get the Best View of Dragon Bridge Performances