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When deciding to visit Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the place most tourists desire to see. Therefore, many tourists will still try to determine what to wear in Siem Reap for the weather but it is still appropriate when visiting essential temples. Here is our Siem Reap travel guide and packing list for you before traveling to Cambodia.

Siem Reap things to do

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What To Wear In Siem Reap - Cambodia For 2023 Travellers
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What to wear in Siem Reap

While welcoming tourists and gradually embracing the 21st century, Cambodia is nonetheless a profoundly traditional country with strong views about humility. Therefore, it is advised that you reconsider your packing choices.

We know that Cambodia is located in a tropical area. That explains why this country is always in hot conditions. However, what to wear in Siem Reap culturally is the question, not just what is weather appropriate.

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What to wear in Siem Reap
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Guide for female travelers

Because of the hot weather, most female travelers prefer wearing a top with straps or a crop top and shorts. This may be normal when you are back in your country. However, it isn’t suitable for local Cambodian customs in general.

Locals are genuinely angered by such disregard and perceive these as provocative or simply disrespectful. Therefore, you might catch unpleasant eyes when wearing a comfortable strap, camisole, tanktop, miniskirt, etc, that show your belly when coming to the countryside, local’s houses, and temples. A religious location is considered respectful, so don’t dress revealingly there, too.

The safe choice is a t-shirt, blouse, and long skirt or pants. In big cities like Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, it is easier for women to wear the clothes they want. But still, wearing micro-minis or baring your midriff is not advised, but otherwise dress comfortably and coolly.

Guide for female travelers
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Guide for male travelers

Short shorts are more comfortable for general temple sightseeing and daytime town walking than long pants . However, shorts are unsuitable at night or anywhere considered slightly formal, like visiting temples. Therefore, male travelers can choose light materials like linen. This will help keep you from sunburn and insects.

At the same time, it could be a good idea to prepare yourself for long pants and a pair of somewhat more formal pants. Locals and visitors frequently wear T-shirts, locals will show up with long sleeves in the formal context.

Guide for male travelers
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Packing list for Angkor Wat

If you’re traveling between November and May – the dry season, keeping calm throughout the hot days and muggy nights will be your priority. Athletic clothing designed to wick away sweat and fabrics like linen or cotton is appropriate. Even though it will rain throughout this time, it will probably be in the form of brief, light showers.

From June to October – the rainy season, pack everything mentioned above, along with a raincoat and clothing that won’t become completely see-through if you get wet. This may be inevitable, so you can bring more items instead for prevention.

Packing list for Angkor Wat for tourists:

  • T-shirt/ Tanktop/ Jacket
  • Scarf/ Sarong
  • Long pants/ Hippie pants/ long skirts
  • Trekking sandals/ Trainers/ Flip flops
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunscreens
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Medication/ Bug repellent
Packing list for Angkor Wat
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What shoes to wear to Angkor Wat

Trekking sandals or trainers are the best footwear choices for exploring temples in Siem Reap because they are easy to slip on and off at the door. High-top sneakers are uncomfortable for all-day trekking.

Typically closed shoes are preferable for more formal times  (such as business meetings and dining establishments). If you don’t like walking around barefoot at hotels or guest houses, rubber flip-flops are a fantastic alternative. It pays to have several pairs of shoes during rainy seasons, just in case your sandals get muddy or damp while you’re out exploring.

What shoes to wear to Angkor Wat
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Frequently Asked Questions about what to wear in Siem Reap (FAQs)

  1. Is there a dress code for Angkor Wat?

    Yes. It would be best if you covered your knees, shoulders, and upper arms with appropriate items. You may not be allowed to enter temples or formal places when wearing tank tops, or too-short-sleeved shirts. Even if you are donning a shawl or scarf to cover, you may still be turned away. The safest length for pants is at the ankle, and for shirts, it is mid-arm sleeves.

  2. Can you wear shorts at Angkor Wat?

    You shouldn’t wear anything above the knee, including short pants, and short dresses are permitted. To visit Angkor Wat, you must wear trousers, a long skirt, or long shorts that reach at least the knee. Furthermore, remember to cover up your arm and back too. You will not be allowed to get into Angkor Wat even if you are covered with a scarf.

  3. What should I pack for Siem Reap Cambodia?

    Packing list for Siem Reap Cambodia: Breathable t-shirts and pants, shorts, use items from light material to avoid heat stroke in Cambodia, trainers or trekking sandals, a pair of flip-flops for town visiting, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, bug repellent, hat, umbrella or raincoat (in rainy season).

  4. What should I pack for Angkor Wat?

    Clothing essentials for Angkor Wat: Several cotton shirts, shirts with sleeves, lightweight long pants like hippie pants or linen pants, trekking sandals, sunscreens, sunglasses, a scarf to cover yourself from sunlight, insects repellent, a hat, a bottle of water.

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The question of what to wear in Siem Reap has the answer above. Being asked for strict clothes when traveling can make visitors psychologically uncomfortable and satisfied compared to an outing. However, this will help you understand and accept the culture of this Indochina country. At the same time, you will get why the locals always show solemnity for the temples here preserving their sanctity for thousands of generations.

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