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“Are Vietnam and Thailand basically indistinguishable?” This address has come my way very a couple of times. Without wavering, the response may be a firm “NO!”

If you’re pondering the choice between Vietnam and the Arrive of Grins, this direct is here to supply a clear breakdown.

Having went through the final two a long time living and instructing in Vietnam, and as a prepared traveler who has altogether delighted in the dynamic scenes of both nations, I can assure you they each have their interesting charm.

But when it comes to deciding which is predominant, let’s dig into the details…

Read on to discover more.

Thailand and Vietnam tour: The key difference to consider


Vietnam and Thailand, both offering reasonable household flights and budget-friendly transport administrations, share similitudes in their transportation framework. In any case, the driving encounter, especially on night buses, can be a bit wild in both nations.

When it comes to street trips, Vietnam has picked up notoriety as an extreme goal, boasting a few of the foremost picturesque streets globally, in portion, to a paramount Top Gear scene. In this viewpoint, Vietnam takes the lead within the comparison.


In terms of healthcare, the World Health Organization places Thailand among the beat 50 nations for wellbeing services. In differentiate, Vietnam finds itself at the inverse conclusion of the range. It’s a eminent distinction worth considering.

Comfort stores are ubiquitous in both countries, lining the roads with available choices. However, Vietnam features a distinctive advantage with its eminent toasties, which serve as a lifesaver for many. While Vietnamese comfort stores offer microwavable sushi, the involvement fair doesn’t quite coordinate up.

  • Winner: Vietnam


Vietnam holds its possess within the nightlife scene, giving Thailand’s famous party scene a few genuine competition.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Vien stands tall, advertising a exuberant involvement comparable to Bangkok’s Khao San Street and effortlessly surpassing Phuket’s Bangla Street. On the other hand, Hanoi takes the highlight with its bia hoi corners, where you’ll snatch a reviving brew for as small as $0.15 per glass.

Be that as it may, when it comes to terrific festivals and occasions, Thailand takes the lead. The Arrive of Smiles hosts excessive full, half, and dark moon parties, at the side the world’s biggest water battle each April. Taking everything under consideration, the extreme winner within the nightlife showdown is still… Vietnam!

  • Winner: Vietnam

Nature And Hiking

Vietnam’s scenes are awe-inspiring, able of giving you goosebumps. Whether you’re cruising in Halong Cove, investigating the Ha Giang area by car, or climbing within the beautiful Moc Chau valley, the magnificence might make you address in the event that it’s all a dream.


In Phong Nha National Stop, Vietnam gladly houses the world’s biggest cave, Child Doong. Whereas there’s a two-year hold up and a $3000 entrance charge, the adjacent caves are similarly mesmerizing, and for the courageous, there’s indeed the alternative to zipline into them!

Opposite to the prevalent conviction that Thailand is all around shorelines, trekking through the rainforests of Khao Sok National Stop offers an extraordinary involvement. Thailand’s charm expands past sandy shores.

  • Winner: Vietnam

Working Remotely


Chiang Mai in Thailand stands out as a best choice for computerized wanderers, whereas Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is rapidly picking up notoriety among farther workers.

Both areas offer a cost-effective living with dynamic expat communities.

Chiang Mai is encompassed by mountains and rice areas, giving a pleasant scenery. On the other hand, Ho Chi Minh City may be a bustling concrete wilderness. Both places have various cafes and coworking spaces, but Uncle Ho’s town takes the lead with way better web connectivity and remarkable coffee. (Truly, it’s difficult to enjoy it as much anyplace else.)

Besides, getting an extended advanced migrant visa is more reasonable in Vietnam.

  • Winner: Vietnam


When it comes to security, Thailand and Vietnam tour share likenesses.

Rough crime is uncommon, but negligible robbery, particularly grabbing, is predominant. To play down risks, it’s fitting not to parade your phone or wallet and keep them secured in a backpack or bum-bag. (Yes, they’re making a comeback!)

Scams are a common concern, with Thailand encountering more due to its higher tourist influx. Moreover, Thailand reports the next street mortality rate, in spite of the fact that the activity situation is very chaotic in both nations!

  • Winner: Vietnam


Exploring Thailand and Vietnam on a purged stomach is not a choice, much appreciate to their divine cooking.

Vietnam gloats famous dishes like pho and banh mi sandwiches, while Thailand may be a safe house for curries, pad thai, and papaya serving of mixed greens.

Vegan travelers might discover Thailand more obliging. In Vietnam, a dish labeled veggie lover may still contain meat, depending intensely on vegetables.

For the vegans out there, both countries offer a flavorful experience, but Thailand stands out as the extreme destination for food enthusiasts!

  • Winner: Thailand

Which one to choose between Thailand and Vietnam tour?

Vietnam emerges as the favored goal within the Thailand vs. Vietnam travel comparison.

It might come as a bit of a shock.

Having went through two a long time living and working in Vietnam and having a profound love for it, the decision is evident: Thailand takes the lead with a score of 4-3. It verifiably offers more for the normal traveler, bragging a few of the world’s finest beaches.

Be that as it may, for those who favor the way less traveled and wouldn’t be caught at a full moon party, Vietnam stands out.


Ultimately, the choice between Thailand and Vietnam tour is yours to form. Ideally, this makes a difference you pick up clarity on the goal that best suits your inclinations. Secure travels!


In conclusion, choosing Vietnam for your tour guarantees a special mix of wealthy social experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. From the bustling boulevards of Hanoi to the peaceful beauty of Ha Long Inlet, Vietnam offers an extraordinary travel. The dynamic history, tasty cooking, and assorted attractions make it a compelling goal for those seeking an improving travel experience.

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