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Vietnam is a beautiful country with many attractive destinations that will entice you at your first glance. If you only have about 7 to 10 days for vacation but still love exploring the whole of Vietnam, we have listed 10-day Vietnam tour packages for you to try.

A 10-day tour from North to South

You may wonder, ‘How can I make a country tour within 10 days?’ However, it is possible if we separate each 3 days of your vacation to stay in each region of Vietnam. 

You can start your journey in Hanoi – the bustling capital filled with history and street food. After 2 days here, you can move to Ha Long Bay to row on a bamboo boat and enjoy the stunning caves and vibrant mountain chains. On days 4-6, you will make your way to central Vietnam and immerse in the ancient world of Da Nang – Hoi An – Hue. 

After a week, you can transfer to Saigon and immerse in the bustling life here. In the final days, we will spend our time on the West side to experience the river life and juicy fruits.

This is a perfect itinerary if you are about to enjoy every region in Vietnam within 10 days. However, traveling alone will be very tiring and, hence, you can’t thoroughly enjoy your trip. Instead, we suggest you book a tour package for your best experience. Following are some of the best 10-day Vietnam tour packages for you to consider.

The scenic destinations in Vietnam (Source: Elite tour)

10-Day Vietnam Holiday Package

The itinerary will begin in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. After a break, your first destination is a sacred temple called Tran Quoc Pagoda. Then, make your way to the Ho Chi Minh Complex, where the mausoleum of Uncle Ho is honored and well preserved. 

On the third day, we will move to Ninh Binh. You will have a chance to explore the ancient beauty of Hoa Lu. You will have an hour to admire the unique architecture temples built in Dinh and Le dynasties.

On day 4, we will transfer to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Instead of staying in hotels, you will have an overnight cruise through the islands on a traditional junk boat. The emerald waters, along with limestone islands, will make you yearn to stay here forever once you leave!

From day 5-6, we will enjoy the stunning landscapes of central Vietnam. You will be taken to Ling Ung Pagoda, a Buddhist temple nestled among the towering karst peak. Also, you can embrace the mysterious ambiance when visiting Hoi An ancient town.

After a week, it’s time to travel to Saigon and enjoy the bustle of the South. We’ll visit some historic places like the War Remnants Museum before getting to the Cu Chi tunnel. On day 9, we will transfer to the Mekong Delta via a boat trip. While escaping from the noisy city, you will have a chance to enjoy juicy fruits from local families.

Take a boat trip along the Mekong River (Source: Tintuc news)

9-Day In Vietnam tour 

Hanoi will be the first destination to welcome you. Our journey starts on the second day at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where the body of Uncle Ho – the greatest Vietnamese president – is preserved. Then, you’ll visit the Hanoi Opera House and take some pictures as an unforgettable milestone while in Vietnam. 

On the next day, we’ll arrive at Mai Chau. It is a rural region beloved for its picturesque landscapes of lush green valleys and quaint farming villages. Mai Chau will offer you an authentic window into Vietnamese minority culture and the tranquil pace of life.

Day 6 will be enjoyable as we transfer to Bai Tu Long Bay. Despite being less famous than Ha Long Bay, it shares breathtaking scenery with hundreds of uninhabited, jungle-cloaked karst islands and limestone pillars. 

Our next destination on day 5 is Ha Long Bay. You’ll be able to Kayak through breathtaking limestone formations emerging from the bay’s tranquil emerald waters. Then, we’ll cruise overnight and dine on fresh seafood under the stars.

We will say goodbye to the North and head to Saigon after a week. We will give you a tour of the historic Reunification Palace and War Remnants Museum for insight into the Vietnam War era. Also, you can walk around the buzzing Ben Thanh Market to shop, eat street food, and take in local life. 

Ha Long Bay is surrounded by vibrant mountain chains (Source: VNexpress)

Vietnam 12-Day Holiday Package

Your trip has begun as you arrive at Hanoi. After a 1-day break, we will take a capital tour. The first place we will visit is The Temple of Literature, a historic Confucian temple and Vietnam’s first university. In the afternoon, you can tour around Hoan Kiem Lake with a Cyclo. The fresh air here will make you refreshed after hustling days. 

On days 3 and 4, we will immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of Ha Long Bay. There are over 1,600 islands and islets in the bay, each with a unique shape and features. Kayaking and paddleboarding are the two best ways to explore Ha Long Bay. They allow you to get up close to the limestone karsts and hidden coves.

It’s time to head to Hoi An – the ancient capital of Quang Nam Province. It is a charming ancient town known for its picturesque architecture, colourful lanterns, silk shops and talented tailors. 

Then, we will transfer to Hue on day 7. You can have a chance to shop at Dong Ba Market and dine on authentic Hue cuisine like bun bo Hue noodle soup. The hospitality of local and poetic beauty here will make you want to stay forever. 

For the rest of the tour, we’ll explore the charm of Saigon and the West side. Our first historical destination in the South will be the Cu Chi tunnel. You can crawl through restored tunnel sections and see trapdoors, living areas, and weapon caches.

On day 11, we’ll travel to the Mekong Delta to enjoy the tranquil life here. We suggest you cruise the floating markets and see locals buying and selling produce on riverboats. Also, remember to taste freshly tropical fruits like rambutan, longan, and jackfruit.

The poetic beauty of Hoi An ancient city (Source: VNexpress)

Final thoughts

Here are the best 10-day Vietnam tour packages that you must try to immerse in the world of charm perfectly. Let us handle every detail while you encounter the people, flavors and culture of this amazing destination.

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