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The coastal city of Da Nang is a paradise for travelers looking for a mix of modern attractions and ancient culture. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an exciting adventure, here are some of the best places to visit in Da nang VietnamRelated Tour: Vietnam holiday packages 2023 (17 days)

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11 best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam

1. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain

Come to the first destination on the list of 11 best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam. While it is called the Marble Mountains in English, this range’s name is actually “Five Elements Mountain”, after the classical elements in Vietnamese culture: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Fire Mountain is actually divided into two – Duong Hoa Son (Yang Fire Mountain) and Am Hoa Son (Yin Fire Mountain) -, but for the sake of simplicity, the range is said to have five peaks.

Only 8km away from the Da Nang city center, this is a well-loved tourist destination on the path of exploring Central Vietnam. This marvelous natural wonder is the home of several Buddhist sanctuaries, making it a must-visit for devotees.

The apex of Water Mountain provides a stunning view of the surrounding waters, greenery, and city. Additionally, it was famous for high-quality marble for construction and sculptures, but direct extraction of stone from the mountains has been banned to protect them.

best places to visit in Da Nang, Vietnam - Ngu Hanh Son moutain

2. Son Tra Mountain

Son Tra mountain is known as one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam. From everywhere in Da Nang, you can see the peak of this mountain. It have a beautiful name that means “Camellia Mountain”, but during the Vietnam War, it was also called Monkey Mountain by the Americans after the endangered red-shanked douc population – the largest in the world at 1,300 individuals.

Despite its proximity to humans, the mountain is not subject to deforestation and remains a crucial “green lung” for the city. In the past, merchants traveled to Da Nang by sea navigated by the mountain, and locals still say that a storm is coming soon if clouds cover the peak.

Son Tra Moutain that means “Camellia Mountain” is a popular destination in Da nang

3. Ba Na Hills

French colonialists saw the potential of Ba Na as a resort destination, as its climate resembled France in springtime. Since the first facility was completed in 1919, we have seen Ba Na hill become one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam. Today, most of the French-built resorts, hotels, and tourist facilities have been destroyed thanks to the Vietnam War, but their legacies remain in the Sun World Ba Na Hills entertainment complex.

Five cable car routes take visitors between on-site hotels and park destinations, and between the destinations themselves, perched on the hills of Ba Na where an entire day can span four seasons. The park houses lavish recreations of European castles, a French Village including a cathedral, and hosts year-round themed festivities with foreign actors portraying both real-world and fictional cultures. 

Fantasy Park is the largest indoor game zone where families can be entertained with a dizzying array of activities, and where some shows are carried out in inclement weather such as roller skate performances. Over 30 restaurants, both à la carte and buffet style, provide interesting Asian and European culinary experiences.

You must visit Ba Na Hill complex when travelling to Da nang, Vietnam

4. Dragon Bridge

The next one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam connects Da Nang International Airport to the rest of the city and making it easier to get to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, Dragon Bridge is the sixth and newest bridge to span the Han River. The bridge is not only functional but also decorative, as its arches are painted golden as the body of a magnificent dragon.

Unlike their villainous kin of European myth that hoards treasures and menaces maidens, the Vietnamese dragon is a mythical being of generosity, luck, prosperity, and the symbol of royalty. Each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 9 pm, crowds gather to see the dragon breathe fire and water in a spectacular performance.

Best places to visit in Danang Vietnam - Dragon Bridge

5. Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge is a part of the aforementioned Ba Na Hills entertainment complex and one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam. The Golden Bridge is a relatively modern structural marvel that, nevertheless, has quickly become an icon of Da Nang. Two massive stone hands (actually made of fiberglass and wire mesh) rise out of the side of the mountain to lift up a 150m-long metal bridge painted golden.

The architect serves to connect the cable station to the flower garden Le Jardin d’Amour and as a scenic lookout, from which visitors can have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas. At sunrise and sunset, this bridge is packed with travelers waiting to capture the precious, fleeting, liminal moment as night transitions into day and vice versa.

Best places to visit in da nang vietnam - Golden Bridge

6. My Khe Beach

Another one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam is My Khe beach. This 900m-long stretch of sand is one of the busiest beaches in Da nang, and for good reason. It has consistently appeared on lists of beautiful beaches endorsed by Forbes, CNN, and TripAdvisor. Being in this place and relaxing in the blue water, you can admire the view of the magnificent Marble Mountains or the distant Cham Islands.

Despite the human density, the beach is kept scrupulously clean, and lifeguards are on duty day and night for a safe experience. Walking along the beach, you can easily find luxurious resorts and hotels, villas up to international standards, and exciting activities such as coral reef diving, fishing, surfing, jetskiing, or boating.

One of the most wonderful beachs in Da nang - My Khe Beach

7. Non Nuoc Beach

Non nuoc beach is one of the best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam, which the sheltered location allows for calm waters lapping against a shore of pure white sand. From above, it resembles a sapphire arc wrapped around the Marble Mountains, contributing to a stunning landscape that Nature spared no expenses in painting. The plentiful sunlight and clean water helped life underneath and above the sea to thrive; even standing on the shore, you may be able to see schools of frolicking white anchovy.

Best places to visit in Danang Vietnam - Non Nuoc Beach

8. Cham Sculpture Museum

The Cham Sculpture Museum is the next best option of best places to visit in Da nang Vietnam for visitors who can’t afford to see the remnants of the Cham Kingdom in situ in My Son and Nha Trang,.

While construction on the first building in the facilities began in 1915, the collection of Cham artifacts had already started two decades prior, carried out by many staff members of the L’École Française d’Extrême-Orient (the French School of the Far E