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When exploring Hue City in Vietnam, many tourists opt for a street food adventure while enjoying the scenic beauty. Sampling local cuisine is seen as a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the culture of the place. 

The food in Hue boasts unique characteristics, with dishes crafted with creativity and skill, utilizing a range of common ingredients to produce captivating flavors. Below, Ftrip will suggest some popular dishes in Hue that are a must-try to truly grasp the essence of this city.

Top 5 most famous Hue food to consider

When exploring the culinary delights of Hue, Vietnam, certain dishes stand out for their unique flavors and cultural significance. Whether you’re a Vietnamese food enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in local cuisine, these top 5 iconic Hue foods are not to be missed.

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue, also known as Hue beef noodle soup, isn’t just popular in Hue, but it’s also renowned throughout Vietnam and beyond.

Many travelers discover this dish through the writings of bloggers, articles in newspapers, and magazines, which have highlighted its fame.

In the mornings, beef noodle soup stalls can be found all over the city, offering bowls priced between 20,000VND to 45,000VND, varying based on the restaurant and the quality of ingredients.

What sets Bun Bo Hue apart is its distinctive flavor profile, derived from a blend of spices and special elements like lemongrass, chili, pepper, garlic, onion, fish sauce, slices of ham, sausage, pork blood, a few pieces of beef, and fresh vegetables served alongside.

Com Hen

Com Hen, also known as Clam Rice, is a popular dish associated with Hue. It’s readily available in many establishments throughout the city.

The key ingredients of this dish are rice and either mussels or clams, but it’s the variety of additional toppings that give it its distinct flavor. These toppings include fried pork skin, fish sauce, fresh vegetables, banana flower, bean sprouts, chopped taro sticks, and roasted peanuts, all blended together to create a unique and flavorful experience.

You can easily find Com Hen being sold in various places such as small alleys, streets, markets, and restaurants, and it’s typically quite affordable.

Many of the eateries that offer Clam Rice also serve mussels and porridge, so if you get the chance, it’s worth trying those dishes as well.

Banh Canh

In Hue, Banh Canh stands out with its distinctive red broth infused with crab and shrimp, enriched by annatto nuts for a vibrant color. The noodles are a highlight, known for their delicate texture that remains firm without being overly soft. Notably, Nam Pho noodles and Ba Doi noodles are frequently mentioned.

Nam Pho noodles derive their name from being a signature dish of the Nam Pho people in Phu Vang district. Typically sold by street vendors in the morning or late afternoon, they hold a special place in local cuisine. 

On the other hand, Ba Doi, also known as the famous Banh Canh at Ngo Gia Tu or Dung Van An, earned its moniker due to the restaurant’s history. Originally, the restaurant had few waiters, resulting in longer wait times for customers. 

As a result, it became known as Ba Doi, meaning Mrs. Waiting. However, service has since improved, and customers can now enjoy their meal without prolonged waits.

In addition to the classic crab soup, Hue offers a delightful snakehead fish soup, which is equally worth savoring. The snakehead fish is boiled and its tender meat meticulously extracted and marinated, adding another dimension to Hue’s culinary offerings.

Che Hem – Sweet Soup at the alley

The sweet soup shop known as Che Hem, located in a narrow alley in Hue, has gained widespread recognition. Hue is renowned for offering the widest variety of sweet soups in Vietnam.

With over 36 different types, Hue’s sweet soups are known for their intricate preparation and presentation. Varieties include green bean, lotus seed, tapioca, and purple potato, among others. These delectable treats can be sampled at various sweet soup shops throughout Hue city.

One of the most renowned sweet soup shops in Hue is situated in alley 27 on Hung Vuong street. Established in 1985, the shop is run by a remarkable woman who, despite being over 80 years old, still personally selects each ingredient for her sweet soups.

Hue dumplings

Hue’s assortment of dumplings offers a delightful culinary adventure. Visitors to Hue are encouraged to sample these dumplings, as they showcase the exceptional culinary expertise of the region.

There is a wide variety of dumplings to explore, including banh beo, banh uot, banh nam, banh ram it, and banh loc, each offering its own unique flavor and texture.

Among these, banh beo stands out as one of the most renowned. These delicate dumplings are thin and white, steamed in small, round cups, providing a delicious culinary experience.

Another favorite is banh bot loc, made from cassava flour and filled with shrimp and fatty meat, wrapped in banana or dong leaves, and then steamed to perfection. Banh bot loc is so beloved that Vietnamese tourists often purchase them as souvenirs when visiting Hue.


In short, here are some of the best local Hue foods to consider. Ftrip Vietnam hopes their delicious flavors bring back fond memories of Vietnamese cuisine. Don’t pass up the chance to try them when you visit Vietnam on your holiday.

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