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Sihanoukville is a port city located in Cambodia. It holds the responsibility for this country’s international sea trade and presents many beautiful beaches. With Sihanoukville travel guide 2023, you will learn more about this favorite spot. You can explore Travel Guide Cambodia to know more about this Buddhist country.

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Sihanoukville Travel Guide 2023: Top 10 Things To Do
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Sihanoukville Travel Guide 2023: Top 10 things to do in Sihanoukville

Overview of Sihanoukville, this is the only deep-water port in Cambodia with a central shipping facility and an oil terminal. As a result, Sihanoukville has become a leading national center for trade, commerce, transportation, and process manufacturing.

On the other hand, the nature in Sihanoukville will attract you with its beaches and multi activities for a short-term stay in this location. Here is the Sihanoukville travel guide, the best 10 things to do in this city of Cambodia.

Relax at Otres Beach

There are many famous beaches in Sihanoukville, like Ochheuteal beach, Lazy beach, Victory Beach, Lamherkay Beach, etc. However, Otres beach is still the number one beach for travelers to swim. The reason is that Otres beach boasts the most transparent water in Sihanoukville and a more laid-back atmosphere.

Relax on Otres Beach
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Tour the country by motorcycle

Anyone fond of adventure and who wants to go off the beaten road should take a motorbike into the forest. Travelers can choose suitable packages depending on their needs; therefore, prices for each tour might vary. A journey to Sihanoukville could be a wonderful experience in a South Asia country for your trip.

Go to a pepper plantation

This area is famous for its various pepper farms and salt fields. You can easily have a tour around this spice farm. This spice is quite fascinating, with its former record for being the most costly commodity in the world. Throughout the day, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of farmers preserving the trees and wanting the bright sun’s reflection in the foliage.

Unwind on Monkey Island

Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia. To get there, it takes you a 45-minute boat from Sihanoukville. Once you are on the island, don’t hesitate to come straight to Monkey Island.

Monkey Island was famous for the myth that sticks to its name. An enormous ape resembling King Kong is said to have lived on this island long ago. Nowadays, the lovely beaches are only left with long gorgeous beaches with crystal clear ocean.

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Go on a drinks cruise

What could be more brilliant for a party than a boat full of visitors in a stunning paradise? During the whole day of the tour, you will visit some islands and hear the exciting story behind each one. More specifically, you can enjoy drinks with or without alcohol while traveling on board.

Dive underwater

Around Sihanoukville are many magnificent islands with schools of fish and colorful corals. Here, you can participate in any scuba diving services to uncover the secrets of the island’s calm waters.

Diving in Sihanoukville
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Browse the market

Located in the heart of Sihanoukville, The Phsar Leu Market (or Upper Market) is the perfect location for wandering. Operating daily from 7:AM to 5:PM, this is a great spot to buy and sample local cuisine, goods, and souvenirs.

Hire a jet ski

Make sure to attend activities with jet skis and banana boats when you visit this place. If you rent one, remember to follow safety precautions, pay attention to your surroundings, and avoid the swimming area. A small reminder is that you should only drive far when you have controlled it carefully.

Go to Wat Leu Temple

Wat Leu is lying on a large hill. A small museum is nearby, and it’s an excellent spot to watch the sunset and enjoy the whispers of nature. Compared to many other temples in Cambodia, it is far less crowded.

Visit Wat Leu Temple
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Visit Kampot for a day

The last spot on the Sihanoukville travel guide is to visit Kampot. It takes about two hours and costs between $4 and $6 to get to Kampot by minibus. You can enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and garden even if you don’t stay there for free when you dine or drink at the bar or restaurant.

Sihanoukville travel guide: visit Kampot
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Sihanoukville travel cost

The Sihanoukville travel guide will give you an estimated budget for the trip. For passengers who want to stay in a dorm room while traveling, the starting price will be around $6 per night. Typically, you will have to spend about $20 for a double room at a hostel, hotel, or bungalow. This fee will often come with incentives such as free Wi-Fi and comfortable and spacious rooms.

Regarding the average cost of food, most visitors choose to have their meals at the traditional market of food stalls along the beaches instead of restaurants. The flavor of the food was delicious, selling at a reasonable price of around $3-5 for a traditional dish. Surprisingly, it would be cheaper for snacks and drinks. 

Where to stay in Sihanoukville?

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Sunset Lounge Sihanoukville
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