Twilight Hanoi Street Food Tour (vegan & vegetarian food tour available upon request)

Food is a significant aspect of Hanoi. Tradition, medicine, entertainment, and nourishment come together in one cuisine. New experiences in flavors and textures await around every corner: vendors laden with goods calling for customers, diners sitting hunched on small plastic chairs, waiters bringing traditional dishes to visitors in fancy restaurants. Beyond the phở and bánh mì that most foreigners would invariably know, there are delights that you may be unable to get elsewhere.
Let our local foodie expert take you on an unforgettable food hunt combined with city exploration.


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    Highlights Hanoi Street Food Tour:

    • Sightseeing Hanoi in the evening
    • Delicious street foods such as Bun Cha, Banh Cuon, Bun Thang, Pho, Vietnamese coffee, or Ca Phe Trung- Egg Coffee.
    • Vietnamese cuisine knowledge (recipes, ingredients, herbs, and spices)
    • Cyclo in Hanoi 36 streets

    Your shared or private tour will begin as you are picked up from your hotel or meet us at a suggested place in the Hanoi Old Town at around 18:00. We will visit a temple and take a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake while getting to know each other before exploring our Hanoi culinary world. Learn more: Hanoi tours (daily tour)

    • Having an appetizer is not an official tradition before having a meal in Vietnam but we will have “Nom Bo Kho” (nộm bò khô) as a light and refreshing appetizer to start the food adventure. Nom bo kho is a fresh mix of thin sliced green papaya, Vietnamese herbs, roasted peanuts, and marinated dried beef with a family-secret fish sauce recipe.
    • Banh Cuon”- Vietnamese steamed rice rolls that are made with minced meat and mushroom or egg or pick the combination of all three if you prefer, will be the second dish tonight. We will watch how locals make Banh Cuon with their steamer and then enjoy the dish when it is still hot and fresh.
    • Pho is served in every corner of Hanoi and they are great! However, there is a place that is known among locals for “the best Pho” and we are taking you to that place tonight.
    • Oh God, President Obama has tried and complimented this dish! “Bun Cha” is simple but unforgettable with marinated grilled pork served with rice noodles, Vietnamese herbs, and again, the family secret fish sauce.
    • Sip sugar cane juice with cumquat or try hot soup depending on the weather (the choice is various and different from cold to hot weather)
    • The next dish is your choice, we can go for the classic Banh Mi (a crispy baguette, grilled meat, fried egg, sauce, and Vietnamese herbs), Bun Thang (noodle soup, a very Hanoian dish that you can only find it here) or Pho Cuon (Only known and popular among locals)
    • It is time to taste the signature of Hanoi Coffee- Ca Phe Trung (Egg coffee), a creamy soft, meringue-like egg white foam perched on dense Vietnamese coffee
    • There is more! Our secret dish. You wouldn’t know what it is until you get there.

    Vegetarian/ Vegan alternative:

    It is possible! Our local experts have created a tour that meets any preferences. We will make sure that you will have an enjoyable experience like the typical food tour.

    Special diet or allergies:

    If you follow a special diet or have any allergies to any food/ ingredients, please let our host know in advance. We will make sure to consider that so you can experience our epic cuisine enjoyably and safely.


    All food and drink are served with water/ tea (Trà đá) and at times, a non-alcoholic beverage. If you prefer to have food with alcoholic drinks, there are upgraded drink packages available.

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