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This country is blessed with cool climates, uncharted lands, and cities that are rich in culture and history. Sending you a list of 10 best place to visit in North Vietnam. For people who love to relax with family or explore the natural world, this will be the perfect vacation spot. Here are the best places to visit in Vietnam with family you should know.

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10 Most Attractive Destinations in Northern Vietnam in 2023

1. Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is a popular destination for both local and international travelers, and it is one of best place to visit in North Vietnam. Ha Long Bay, about 3.5 hours by car from Ha, spans along the Gulf of Tonkin, with hundreds of little islands, dozens of tunnels, and innumerable uninhabited beaches that have been built in a fascinating and colorful manner. This location not only preserves priceless items from Earth’s inception and evolution, but it also houses works of art created by a planet of many distinct caverns. Ha Long Bay contains rich in biodiversity, with typical ecosystems supporting hundreds of species of very diverse and numerous plants and animals.

Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the North of Vietnam
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2. The Perfume Pagoda

The pagoda is regarded as the center of a complex of sacred Buddhist artifacts that includes numerous temples and pagodas constructed into the limestone cliffs of Huong Tich cave. There is no direct approach to the temple, therefore visitors must take a small boat. There are numerous green stone statues of Buddha and Avalokitesvara throughout the cave. The Perfume Pagoda Festival runs from January to April, so if you’re in the North at that time of year, don’t miss it. Many northerners attend at least once a year, thinking that touching the stalactites growing inside the cave will bring them good luck and health.

The pagoda is regarded as the center of a complex of sacred Buddhist artifacts.
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3. Mai Chau 

Mai Chau Valley located in the Northwest converges all the necessary elements to become an ideal tourist destination: a mild climate, beautiful nature, kind people and rich traditional cultural identity. It takes 3 hours to drive to Mai Chau from the center of Ha Noi with a distance of 110 km. Spring, autumn, winter are ideal times to visit Mai Chau because the air is cooler, you can watch hundreds of flowers blooming. The ripening rice season starts from the end of May, the season of water pouring from the stream into the field lasts from the end of February to the beginning of June or the transplanting season lasts from March to May is the ideal time of the year to visit Mai Chau. The most practical means of transportation for you to visit are bicycles or trams. This place is one of best place to visit in North Vietnam, if you want to experience the traditional culture of northern ethnic minorities.

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4. Hanoi

Hanoi has always been a popular destination on any list of the best places to visit in Northern Vietnam. It brings the ancient beauty of the old quarters, the historical remnant of many ancient regimes with the vibrant energy of a growing city day by day. What makes Hanoi appealing is the combination of cultural traditions and the vibrant, youthfulness that has resulted in a colorful Hanoi. Hanoi’s four-season climate allows for year-round visits, and each season has its own unique appeal. According to Hanoi travel experience, you should visit this city in the blooming season. Peach blossom in January, ban flower in February, sua flower in March, lotus in the summer, milkwood pine flower in September-October, and chrysanthemum in the fall (May) are among the flowers that bloom in Hanoi all year (October – December). Some must-try specialties in Hanoi that anyone who comes here cannot miss: Pho, Bun Dau Mam Tom, Bun Cha,…

Hanoi has always been a popular destination on any list of the best places to visit in Northern Vietnam.
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5. Cuc Phuong National Park

The 22,408-hectare Cuc Phuong forest, one of the best places to visit in North Vietnam with an extraordinarily rich range of flora and animal ecosystems. Because of the tropical rainforest climate, it is habitat to many rare animals, including the Delacour’s langur. As you climb May Bac Peak, you will be able to see Bai Dinh Pagoda and the old capital of Hoa Lu. Prehistoric caves are another popular tourist destination. The butterfly season, which occurs around May, is a unique feature of Cuc Phuong National Park. Thousands of butterflies are present at this time, creating an incredibly unusual and beautiful scene. If you come with family, this is the best place to visit in North Vietnam for children to explore the natural world.

Thousands of butterflies are present at this time, resulting in an incredibly unusual and beautiful scene.
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6. The Dong Van Plateau

Dong Van rock plateau is about 300 km from Ha Noi, with unspoiled beauty at the beginning of the country. The attractive place in the North of Vietnam for people interested in geology. Dong Van’s rocky plateau appears out of the mist after traveling 150 km on a pass road with a deep chasm on one side and high mountains with sharp turns on the other. Dong Van rock plateau, one of the unique limestone regions, is situated at an average altitude of 1000 to 1600 meters above sea level. It contains typical imprints of the evolutionary history of the Earth’s crust. In the spring, mustard flowers cover the mountains and hills in harmony with the traditional lifestyle, creating a poetic natural scene.

Dong Van rock plateau is about 300 km from Hanoi, with unspoiled beauty at the beginning of the country.
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7. Sapa

When visiting North Vietnam, Sapa is likely to be the most mentioned place. The beautiful terraces that make up the steep valley on which Sapa town stands are still farmed today. The scene of people living with nature could not be more magnificent. Silver waterfall flows through rice fields as beautiful green mountains reach as far as the eye can see in the distance. Fansipan Peak, the region’s highest peak, blankets the rugged ridge line above the town.

Sapa is probably the most mentioned place when visiting North Vietnam
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8. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the east of Ha Long Bay of Vietnam, is considered to be off the usual tourist path, with countless uninhabited, clean beaches and extremely gorgeous karst mountains. The fact that it shares many geological features with Halong Bay. The Bay is the site of two habitats: a marine, coastal ecology and a tropical, evergreen rainforest ecosystem. Bai Tu Long Bay is popular with visitors because it is less crowded than Halong Bay.

Bai Tu Long Bay is located east of Vietnam's Halong Bay.
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9. Ba Be National Park 

About 240 kilometres from Ha Noi, in the province of Bac Kan, is Ba Be National Park, also known as the Ba Be Lake.  It covers over 23,000 hectares and is home to breathtaking waterfalls, large rivers, valleys, lakes, and caverns surrounded by high peaks. The well-known Ba Be Lake is made up of three lakes connected by broad canals totaling around 8 kilometers in length. The lake’s surface is consistently tranquil, allowing for a relaxing boat journey downstream. In 2004, Ba Be National Park was classified as an ASEAN natural heritage site.

Ba Be National Park, also known as the Ba Be Lake
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10. Tam Coc

Tam Coc is  referred to as “Ha Long among the rice paddies”, surrounded by fields as vast as the sea. Visitors are transported by row boat down the tranquil Tam Coc stream past verdant farms and the foot of mountains into the mouths of caverns, where they discover unexpected delights like stalactites and stalagmites that glitter like gemstones only inches from the water.

Tam Coc is  referred to as "Ha Long among the rice paddies", surrounded by fields as vast as the sea.
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The 10 best places to visit in North Vietnam above are just a few of Northern Vietnam’s myriad unique attractions. Visit this new place to discover its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and welcoming inhabitants.

FAQs about the best place to visit in North Vietnam

When should I visit northern Vietnam?

May through August are often the hottest and muggiest months of the year. The best seasons to travel to northern Vietnam are from March to April and from September to November, when the weather is warm and sunny.

Which part of Vietnam is better, north or south?

Depending on the season, you could choose to travel north or south. While the south has a more consistent tropical climate, interrupted by a rainy season from May to November, the north often experiences chilly, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Prior to traveling, decide whether you want to tour the South or the North.

Where are some unexplored places in North Vietnam?

Some unexplored places in the North of Vietnam, the scenery is still beautiful, wild and imbued with indigenous culture such as: Tam Coc cave complex, Mai Chau district, Ma Pi Leng pass, Detian falls, The Dong Van plateau,…

Are there beaches in North Vietnam?

The majority of the expansive beaches are found in the provinces of Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, or Nghe An. In Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay, there are numerous small, hidden beaches.

What is northern Vietnam known for?

Northern Vietnam is the cradle of Vietnamese civilization, it has more historical and cultural landmarks than other parts of the country. The sea and mountains there offer magnificent vistas as well.

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